The #TurnUpGodz Tour: Waka Flocka And DJ Whoo Kid’s World Takeover

    If you’ve seen our viral article Bid Farewell, then you know that millennials are surely going to night clubs less and less — that is, unless DJ Whoo Kid & Waka Flocka are in town.

    If you know anything about the hip-hop, trap or EDM music scene, then you already know all about the TurnUpGodz – made up of rapper Waka Flocka Flame and his wing-man, DJ Whoo Kid (popular Shade 45 Radio Host on Sirius XM and formerly the official DJ of G-Unit).

    Let me just say it right off the bat, THE HYPE IS BEYOND REAL. From the first 15 minutes of any of their shows, you will already have deemed your night as one of the best of your entire life.


    But can you handle it?

    Whether you are a Waka Flocka / DJ Whoo Kid fan or not, the experience of this duo on tour is one you have to participate in at least once in your life. Notorious for their hip-hop mosh-pits, and high-energy (sometimes even stage-breaking) rages, the TurnUpGodz Tour is second to none if you are looking to get what you paid for out of a concert.

    No matter where in the world they are, they never lack in giving us the best possible behind the scenes look — via. Instagram: @WakaFlocka, @DJWhooKid — of everything from their infamous “moisture pyramid” to the full cultural experience of whatever country, state, or city they may be in at that time.


    And if when you’re buying a ticket to go see the two of them you think that there will be no surprises, you are very wrong. In fact, there’s a slim chance that you ever go to one of their shows where another celebrity or professional athlete doesn’t show up and hop on stage to party – there is almost ALWAYS a special guest or pro-baller kicking it with them.. (which goes to show you that nobody wants to miss out on the fun).

    Stuntman Photography
    Pictured Above: NE Patriots Rob Gronkowski, Waka Flocka, DJ Whoo Kid – Credit: Stuntman Photography

    The best part is that they are some of the smartest guys in the music industry by day– and the most entertaining/wild guys by night.


    If only, we could all find that balance in our lives. HA.

    Click Here For Full Dates: TURN UP GODZ TOUR  or Check DJ Whoo Kid’s Instagram Page for recently added dates.



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