Suit Yourself! A Guy’s Guide To Purchasing The Perfect Threads

    “Did he dress himself?”

    “How does he look that good?”


    Every well-groomed man deserves attention, especially when he has put in the extra effort to successfully put himself together on his own. There is no question that women find well-dressed men irresistible. The confidence that beams from a guy dressed to the nines is second to none.  At some point or another in a man’s life he is going to need the perfect suit… but that doesn’t mean he just goes to his closet and there it is.


    So, where do you start?

    Knowing the importance of trim threads is crucial. Not to mention, studies suggest women prefer guys in suits rather than jeans or other casual looks. This menswear staple is the most important wardrobe investment as it exudes power, garners respect, and could potentially secure a dream job.

    Whether you are a beginner or a little more on the fashionably conscious side, let us start with the basics that are sure to add that little something extra you need in your life.  It’s time to upgrade your look from average to awesome with these 5 tips for purchasing the perfect suit:

    1. Fabric Of Your Life

    Whether it’s wool, cashmere, wool blends and linens –  a suit’s fabric is essential to the quality and fit of the look. Experts suggest pure wool because it’s a natural, durable and breathable fabric during warmer seasons. Wool Fabric qualities can range from super 100s, 120s and 150s — which means the higher the “super” number, the higher the grade of fabric and costs.

    1. Tailored vs. Off-the-Rack

    If you admire the style of celebrities such as Scott Disick, Timm Gunn, David Beckham, or P. Diddy, than consider your taste sophisticated! These debonair men are known for sporting bespoke suits – fit to perfection! Hence, the fit is the most important aspect of your suit selection, so you’ll need to hire an expert tailor in your local area or shop retailers such as Nordstrom, or Men’s Warehouse. These retailers offer onsite alterations and tailoring on suits, sport coats, and tuxedos. Just be prepared for multiple fittings with a heftier price tag ranging from $1,500-$6,000 compared to more affordable “off-the-rack” suits, but in the end you’ll look and feel like a million bucks! If you prefer to shop off the rack for ready-to-wear suits, make sure you know your accurate size and measurements. Take a look at some these online retailers for inspiration:  Mr.Porter, Sarar, Zara, and Josbank.

    1. Focus On FUNDamentals

    A high quality suit can be expensive, which for some can be a deciding factor in a purchase. If you are ballin’ or on a budget – do not worry – suits range from about $300-$6,000. Keep in mind, this may be your biggest wardrobe investment yet. Even if you can’t splurge right now, you definitely don’t want to sacrifice quality over quantity. It’s better to have two great suits than five mediocre. You can still be trendy without breaking the bank. You just need to do a little window shopping – take the time to search online, compare prices, look for sales, etc.

    1. Suited For The Occasion

    There are many suit options for business, social gatherings, parties, church functions, as well as dating. There are also options that can be for multi-purpose use. When selecting a suit for an occasion of special significance, your look should be appropriate for the occasion, so don’t be hesitant to seek help in the store of your choice for style recommendations or check out fashion sites to see the current trending styles. Most importantly, if you’re invited to an event follow the dress code on the invite. For a semi-formal event you may opt for a more relaxed style such as a nice dark suit with a dress shirt, whereas a formal affair a tuxedo is the best option. Lighter colors suits in cream or beige may work better for daytime events while darker colored suits such as a midnight or charcoal translate well from day-to-night events. Either way, you can’t go wrong with a modern basic suit.

    1.  Color Coordination

    When in doubt, start with basic colors…dark basic colors that is! A guy should own at least one suit in a dark color such as blue, black, and dark grey, but experts suggest starting with a rich midnight blue that will transition from day-to-night, and can be worn with both black and dark brown shoes.  All stores specializing in men’s suits will carry a midnight blue-colored suit because it’s versatile, simple, and sleek.  Once you’ve mastered the basics, you’ll be ready to graduate to pinstripes, peaked lapels, and all sorts of fancy “Great Gatsby” inspired styles. The most fun part of picking out the perfect suit is the fun colors you get accent with (shoes, shirt, tie, etc.); this brings it all together.  Make sure that you consider choosing colors cohesive with your eyes, skin, and/or hair.

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    Now that you understand the value of investing in a suit, it’s time to put your new-found knowledge to good use and start shopping. Perhaps Justin Timberlake sang it best when he said,  “As long as I’ve got my suit and tie, I’ma leave it all on the floor tonight..”

    So, go ahead fellas… you are now ready to suit yourself!



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