Trends of clothes that will be popular this fall 2018

    Paris Fashion Week is over, but that doesn’t mean trends of 2018 are dead. For many years now, the way we dress has been a subject of public discourse. Some people will criticize your fashion sense, while others will give it a heads up. And so a question many keep asking is whether they should worry about what people say or simply choose clothes that appeal to them, not to everybody else.

    The truth is, our world is so intertwined in fashion discourses that we cannot know for sure what is considered appropriate. We always want to buy the trendiest shoes, dresses, belts, handbags, and earrings. This post will explore the popular clothing trends of 2018 at least to keep you informed, and perhaps you would want to switch to something better. You never know what people might be saying about your new handbag every time you go out.

    Fashion is dynamic but most of the time trends come back  

    Fashion Weeks, whether in Milan, Lisbon, New York, or any other city, are always a depiction of the perfect world of trends.  A watch brand Rolex from the United States is producing the accessorizes desirable for every person from different corners of the world.

    However, it is imperative to note that western dressing culture may not always be comparable to the one in Eastern countries, like India and Pakistan. However, that’s not prohibited to mix several dressing cultures in one outfit, even more, it will make you look trendier than ever.

    Popular 2018 Trends

    It is often said that old habits die hard, but that is fallacious in a fashion world. We have been recycling old trends, and you would be surprised with the number of last year’s apparel design ideas that made a comeback in 2018 Fashion Weeks. Something new is always welcomed, and as you are about to find out, this year’s top trends are not only impressive but also likely to last beyond 2019. PapersOwl recently published an interesting topic on this idea, on which a student in need of a dissertation writing service can fetch the best grades. Take a look.


    More colors in 2018

    From the seventies, in the fashion world has been a constant change in the colors we want for fall. Today, the fashion world is more inclined towards pomp colors that were popular decades ago. If you compare the trends of 2017 and 2018, you will notice a continued shift towards more colorful attire. Top designers are aware of this, and recent shows reveal this.

    Fashion Trendsetters

    No one wakes up one day and decides to dress in clothes with Gobelin patterns or Cobalt colors. Celebrities are always at the heart of Fashion Weeks, so they do influence on decisions we make every day regarding how to dress. From Hollywood to the business world, we always look forward to what fashion icons and models will come up with, even more than we watch designer fashion shows. In a nutshell, trendsetters in the world of fashion are the ones we look up to when we want to try out a new outfit, hairstyle, accessory, or even shoes.

    • Feathered clothes

    Once again, fashion designers have tested feathers in some of the summer’s outfits. Feathers of Ostrich and Marabou have been common in shows, especially Anthony Vaccarello and Galliano designs, capturing attention and imagination of the world’s audience with their gold-colored feathers on the shoulders. Christopher Kane’s feather-embellished wool-blend dressing is another design that has drawn attention.

    • Suit shorts

    You might want to say shorts are boring or not suitable for winter, but see how this year’s power shots defying the odds. The summer season of 2018 has seen an epitome of shorts that will make a statement to the fashion-conscious, thanks to tailor-made and boxer-styled shorts by Louis Vuitton that has been rocking shows.

    • Wipe clean plastic and rubber apparel

    Everyone has been shining this year, thanks to trends like vinyl dresses by Christopher Kane, and designer jumpsuits by Balmain. You may have been thinking about acquiring a new trendy waterproof jacket from Calvin Klein or Katranzou collections, but 2018 nylon and rubber coats beat expectations. Wipe clean Wolf & Badger’s the Malaya Ruffle Skirt is hard to resist.

    • Karl Lagerfeld transparent rain Mac

    Fashion sense keeps getting better, and Karl’s latest rain hats and transparent macs wouldn’t have expressed this year’s spring apparel any better. Valentino labels represent the same taste.

    • Clear Vinyl Trenchcoat


    Trench coats have evolved over the years, but this year’s trendy looks are fancier than we would have anticipated. As clear as it is, a vinyl trench coat is another indication that plastic and rubber addictions are gaining ground in all-weather clothing and apparel.

    • OTT earrings

    While gold-plated Hedvig Deco Hoops OTT earring go with anything, other labels, such as brass Venus means the trend is going to be around for some time.

    • Tote XL bag


    You may have become used to a mini version of Abella tote, but the advent of an XL variant means more practicality for this year’s fashion enthusiasts.

    • Long Jackets


    Autumn is set to experience a fashion overhaul. It is because long robes are becoming popular especially among designers looking forward to overcoming short anoraks, raincoats, and jackets that have been around for years.

    Final Thoughts

    Are you looking forward to upgrading your wardrobe? Well, 2018 clothing trends present as many options as one would wish. From blue cobalt colors, lilac addictions to ultra-sexy mini dresses and fur jackets, it gets better even with the new space traveler suits, jackets, and dresses.


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