Top Tech Picks of 2021: The 10 Best New Gadgets This Year

    The year is 2021 and it is time to look back at the top tech picks of this year. All of us are excited about what we can expect this coming new year, in terms of technology. What do you think the top 10 new gadgets will be in 2021?

    This article is going to give you our opinions. We will try to be as open-minded and unbiased as possible when discussing the top tech picks of 2021. If you do not agree with our list, feel free to comment about it below in the comment section. As always, please keep your comments respectful and polite. Thank you!

    Let us now discuss what we think are the top 10 best new gadgets for this year:

    1. A better 3D printer

    Two years ago, a 3D printer was considered only an exciting technology for hobbyists but today they are used by professional designers, architects and engineers alike. What makes us optimistic that even better 3D printers will be released in 2021 is because there have already been huge improvements in terms of the quality of 3D printers. In other words, it is not just about being able to print three-dimensional objects but making sure that they are also of high quality.

    This year, we expect even better 3D printing technology and the ability for a person to print out a new desktop computer from a 3D printer within minutes. You can check out some of the Walmart cash back here. 

    2. Smart medical devices

    We are already in the middle of the age when being sick does not necessarily mean going to a hospital. Thanks to smart medical devices, people can go online and learn about their symptoms as well as how to best cure themselves with all sorts of self-curing home remedies.

    3. 3D Holograms

    If you have seen Star Wars movies, then you probably are familiar with holograms already! According to rumors, there are companies that have been working on making 3D hologram technology a reality for over 15 years already but it has always stopped short of what was needed for it to be considered realistic looking. By 2021 we expect better hologram technology that would make us feel like Princess Leia is actually standing right in front of us.

    4. Google Glass

    For many people, wearing a pair of glasses is just as much about fashion as it is about being able to see what is in front of them clearly. Thanks to Google Glasses, we might not need regular frames anymore by 2021! After all, why wear bulky glasses when you can simply turn your head and look anywhere you want?

    5. Wireless headphones

    In our opinion one of the top tech picks for this year will be wireless headphones that have the ability to communicate directly with our brain so that we can hear music while using other devices or even listen to an audiobook without bothering anyone else around us. Why bother listening through normal wired earphones when there are better options already available and coming soon?

    6. Robot vacuum cleaners

    It is no secret that this year robot vacuums already exist but perhaps they are not as common as we would like them to be. Still, even if the best vacuum robots for sale may be a bit expensive right now, it is our expectation that by 2021 most people will have such machines in their homes while more and more companies will produce them. We do hope that in the future these smart devices can go online and order new supplies when needed! Moreover, it is our guess that you should be able to turn your electronic pet dog into a walking and talking virtual friend capable of doing all sorts of things around your house with the help of a robot vacuum cleaner.

    7. Anti-theft watches

    When you wear a watch that has anti-theft capabilities, it can actually help to protect your identity and prevent crimes against you. This technology comes in the form of an RFID chip that is placed inside your wristwatch, allowing someone to be able to track where you are at all times while also making sure no one steals your credit card details or any other personal information such as passwords, etc.

    8. Electronic clothing

    The world of fashion is ever-changing with more and more designers creating “wearable tech” for people who want to look fashionable but do not mind if their clothes come with useful applications built-in. For example, by 2021 there will be jackets that warn us when we have been exposed to too much sunlight and perhaps even provide protection against skin cancer.

    9. Virtual gamers

    Gamers are a rather unique niche of people and we expect to see the evolution of gaming to be taken even further in 2021 when there will be virtual reality gamers. In fact, it is possible that by then there will already be gaming worlds available online where you can interact with others without ever leaving your home! For instance, if you have a favorite movie you like playing over and over again on your smartphone or tablet, perhaps in five years’ time, you could play the character in real life while interacting with other characters played by live actors? This would mean more realism than any game currently out there today.

    10. Smartphones with low heat emissions

    Our last top tech pick for this year involves smartphones that consume less power in order to achieve better heat emission results. In our opinion, perhaps one of the biggest tech problems right now is battery charging and although smartphones with stronger batteries are on the market already, we need some more time for this technology to be perfected so that all our personal electronic devices last longer without overheating.

    By 2021 it is possible that even your home appliances will have their own app that will help you keep track of how long they should work before being replaced by other products. Perhaps there will be a programmable light switch in your home as well as in public places such as hospitals or retail stores where people can actually use smart wearables to communicate with objects instead of speaking out loud! This may sound like something from science fiction but it is our hope that technology will soon arrive and change our lives forever.


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