How To Keep Yourself Productive

    Today productivity is the key to success. In pursuit of personal effectiveness and absolute perfection, we often sacrifice our mental health. An incomplete to-do list guarantees stress, a horrible mood, and waves of self-loathing.

    There are days when we are exhausted because we have a tough week or a busy weekend. Whereas getting enough sleep and rest can work wonders for our productivity.

    It’s a known fact that many workaholics and students often resort to the use of various drugs to improve academic and work performance. As a result, they face Adderall withdrawal symptoms. But this isn’t the best option at all. There are other ways you can stay focused when you are exhausted.

    How to be productive while staying in harmony with yourself? Here are some tips.

    Make a To-Do List

    As trite as it may sound, write down all your tasks on paper. It will reduce your anxiety levels, and you won’t forget anything. Moreover, you should include in your to-do list what you are truly prepared to do right away. The option “Start a new project” shouldn’t be added to the list. It’s a too significant and difficult task. Replace it with something like “Define your new project goals for the next two months.” The to-do list should only contain specific tasks.


    There are 24 hours in a day and 7 days in a week. We can’t manage time, but we can manage our energy and decide what to spend it on. An effective planning system will help with that.

    You just need to divide the tasks into separate parts. Start your day with important and urgent tasks, then pay attention to important, but not urgent ones. The latter, as a rule, you can delegate, and the remaining ones can be completely ignored. This method will help you feel more focused and motivated to work on the hardest parts.

    Listen To Music

    For some, music is essential in keeping the mind and body productive. Music in the background stimulates your brain without distracting it. The choice of tracks depends on your preferences. Some people prefer fast beats to stay awake. Some include calm music to help them focus. If you are distracted by lyrics in songs, choose instrumental compositions.

    Use a Reward System

    The self-rewarding system works very well. For instance, finish a large and complex task and then take a break with a great coffee. Small incentives make us more productive and motivate us to get things done as soon as possible.

    The Two-Minute Rule

    A banal but very effective trick. If you can complete the task in two minutes, do it right away. It will take much more time and effort to write it down in the planner and reconsider a bit later.

    Use Modern Technology

    New software and new technologies created to optimize the workflow are introduced yearly. Numerous technologies make your housework easier for you. Various methods exist to improve the way you work, and you should definitely try at least a few programs and applications to stay as productive as possible.

    Turn Off Notifications

    Despite the clear advantages of technology development and a huge number of applications, not everything is so simple. And you have already understood what will be discussed in this paragraph.

    Get rid of all distractions. SMS with discounts, emails, messages from friends on Facebook and Instagram Direct — every notification you pay attention to is stealing your productivity.

    Surely, you can’t work all day without chatting with colleagues or social media. If you are unable to give it up, set a time frame. For instance, you can read the news for 10 minutes at the beginning of the day, spend time with a cup of coffee and Instagram right after lunch, and spend 15 minutes on social media before finishing work.

    Schedule Your Breaks

    You can’t work eight hours without a break. Certainly, you can, but your productivity will decrease. Therefore, you need a long break and several small breaks during the day.

    So make them “legal”, and allow yourself a break, or rather add it to your to-do list. So, you will recharge your batteries without feeling remorse cause it’s a planned break, and it won’t stretch for the whole day.

    We can’t describe all the ways you can stay productive throughout the day. It’s simply impossible. Everyone is looking for suitable options for themselves, but there are universal methods listed above. Remember, you need to stay in harmony with yourself. Make plans, and don’t forget that your mental health is your top priority.


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