Top Online Dentist Review Sites That You Should Follow

    Increasing numbers of patients are utilizing online review sites to study healthcare providers like an online dentist, according to a poll conducted by Software Advice. Online reviews are used by 94 percent of patients to assess physicians, and 72 percent of patients utilize online reviews as their initial step in selecting a new provider. Additionally, according to a Local Consumer Review Survey, 86 percent of consumers read evaluations of local companies. It is therefore critical for your dental business to have a positive online reputation on dentist review websites.

    What Makes Review Sites For An Online Dentist Significant?

    The data and reviews given by previous patients will always be trusted by potential patients since they come from a dentist with an established track record and a positive internet reputation. When looking for dentistry services in their area, many potential patients rely on online dentist rating sites to make their decision. As a result, internet review sites are critical for the maintenance of a dentist’s reputation. More patients will visit your clinic as a result of positive online reviews and ratings on these sites, which will demonstrate your expertise. 

    Dentist review websites can also assist you in improving the overall experience of your patients. The reviews and feedback from your patients will inform you of what your patients are saying about you, what they think about your services, and how they feel about your services. It will assist you in developing a happy and pleased patient base as well as expanding your practice. 

    The internet is saturated with hundreds of online dentist review sites that allow people to share their own experiences and provide feedback on the dental services they have received from the dentist. We’ve created a list of the best review sites for dentists, which you can see below.

    Top Review Sites for Dental Practitioners

    Top 1 Review Site – Yelp

    The online review site Yelp has risen as one of the most rapidly expanding on the internet, receiving almost 131 million visitors in the previous six months. It has been rated as one of the finest online references/directories, and it has a significant international presence. It is extremely popular among dentists and others working in the healthcare field because it is a devoted site for submitting company reviews. It is among the most effective tools for soliciting feedback from patients.

    Top 2 Review Site – Google My Business

    When it comes to having an online presence, it is impossible to ignore Google! It is a critical business review service that blends the power of local company listings with the convenience of online reviews. Similar to Facebook, many dentists maintain an active profile on Google My Business, where consumers may leave reviews, provide feedback, and even ask questions about oral health or the services that are being provided by the practice. It receives millions of visitors each month and so plays a significant part in the maintenance of dental reputation.

    Top 3 Review Site – 1-800-Dentist

    A lot of information and videos about dental care may be found on 1-800-Dentist, which is an interactive platform that can be accessed online as this also serves as a dental directory, receiving around 165,000 visitors each year. Patients are required to complete five questions in order to receive a personalized dental referral. Patients who have visited 1-800-Dentist are asked to submit their thoughts and opinions on their dental appointment. 

    Top 4 Review Site – Healthgrades

    Healthgrades claims to have more than 7 million ratings of dentists as well as doctors on its website, according to the organization. Later on, people can evaluate the dentist by following a straightforward procedure. Patients may access free dentist profiles as well as health-related material on the site.

    Top 5 Review Site – Zocdoc

    Prospective dental patients can make online dental appointments through Zocdoc, which is a well-known dentist rating site where they can search for and book appointments with dentists that match their interests. Patients are encouraged to discuss their experiences with a dentist or dental care clinic that they have visited on this website as the website also includes a slew of other functions, such as dentist appointment reminders. There have been over 3.8 million visitors to this site, making it a significant resource for dentistry reviews.

    Top 6 Review Site –

    There is a community component on that allows actual dentists to engage with members of the community who may be current or future patients of theirs. The dentists provide answers to dental questions posed by people in the community. There is also a ‘Professional Corner,’ where the professional dentists routinely write many pieces on excellent health and dental care, as well as information on other topics. It also includes a tool for scheduling appointments.

    Top 7 Review Site – CareDash

    CareDash, which bills itself as one of the most accessible healthcare review sites for doctors, comes in second place with 1 million searches in March 2019. This website enables patients to search for doctors as well as dentists in their region and compare provider ratings in order to pick the best provider. Additionally, patients may share their experiences by writing a review and rating. 

    While patients may access all of this for free, healthcare professionals and practice managers can claim and maintain physician profiles. Additionally, they may reply to patient reviews and increase overall involvement. Additionally, CareDash provides a library of material with suggestions and guidance for both patients and physicians.


    Teledentistry is simply dentistry performed online, and it offers a number of advantages. Patients can contact dentists through teledentistry regarding dental problems or be sent to a specialist if additional treatment is required. If required, dentists can even give medications or antibiotics through video chat. 

    While this sort of dentistry is not appropriate for every situation—emergencies should always be handled in person, and you should never attempt to extract your own tooth at home—it is assisting in increasing access to treatment, saving dentists and patients time, and keeping prices down. 

    If you do require an online dentist, choose a reputable firm to ensure that your online dentists are always licensed, board-certified experts.


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