Getting Started With the OMI Token: Details

    ECOMI (OMI) is an IT company that aims to be a leader in the emerging digital collectibles (NFT) space as well as digital asset protection. ECOMI offers a one-stop shop for digital collectibles through the VeVe Collectibles app, which brings pop culture and entertainment into the 21st century. OMI views digital collectibles as a new asset class that provides intellectual property owners with the opportunity to generate new revenue streams in the digital world.

    This review will talk about what an OMI token is, how you can buy ECOMI with the acronym OMI, and why this cryptocurrency is so popular today. Keep reading to know the pacts concluded by the owners of the project with major brands and rumors of cooperation on the launch of NFTS on the NFL.

    Using ECOMI

    ECOMI is committed to addressing the current security challenges associated with the use of blockchain-based applications. This is made possible through the ECOMI Secure Wallet. However, this is not all – the team complements the wallet with an ECOMI ONE card.

    The ECOMI ONE card allows you to use fiat, cryptocurrency, and OMI tokens anywhere in the world. The bottom line is the need to create a platform for managing digital assets, which allows users not only to securely store their private keys but also to easily exchange what has value with others.

    Another area of ​​development is decentralized applications. After launching the network, any user can deploy their own application or business in the ECOMI Ecosystem. Thanks to all the advantages of the network and the corresponding rewards, the growth of the ecosystem and the popularity of the product come as no surprise.

    Project Development

    ECOMI Ecosystem sees the future insecure in decentralized applications. For this reason, community initiatives that focus on building decentralized applications will be economically supported. Confidentiality and secure storage of private keys are important for the ecosystem; for this purpose, ECOMI One and ECOMI Secure Wallet will be used.

    Thanks to these products, ECOMI will have a higher level of security compared to any other blockchain platform. With the use of Secure Wallet and ECOMI One, all private keys generated for both cryptocurrency and decentralized applications will be offline stored in the hands of users. This creates an environment that surpasses security when compared to other hardware wallets.

    The next step in the development of ECOMI products is the integration of isometric data into ECOMI cards. In the near future, the ecosystem will include the following features in its pack:

    • Lots of decentralized applications;
    • ECOMI Exchange (a type of secure exchange);
    • Protection and storage of personal data: identification, passwords, passports, licenses, and much more;
    • Registration and protection of rights to use intellectual property;
    • Variety of P2P social media sharing platforms, encrypted files, and any other related data.

    What Does It Mean?

    It is clear that OMI will become the currency of the VeVe application presented in the ECOMI ecosystem. According to recent reports, VeVe has managed to enlist the support of not only the major sports organizations – NFL and MLB but also the creators of comics about Wonder Woman, Batman, and Superman. Let’s keep an eye on how the situation develops.


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