Top Five Reasons To Watch The Third Act Series

    #1 You’ll laugh, and laughing is good for you. As everyone knows, it increases the release of endorphins in your brain and gives you that post-coital glow that will linger long after the five minute webisodes are over. Your co-workers will think you had a chemical peel on your lunch hour. People will respond more positively toward you, which in turn will improve your outlook onlife, enhance your relationships with others, increase your productivity at work, which will lead toa raise and a bigger apartment, and maybe, just maybe, stir some ripple of compassion in your heart for your mother-in-law, thus rekindling the spark in your marriage.

    #2 You’ll think deep thoughts because every episode of The Third Act Series has at its core, a philosophical dilemma one or both of the main characters is grappling with. You have most likely struggled recently with the same issues our heroines, Susan and Jody, find themselves facing. Through this show’s inspiring and uplifting message, you will finally be able to get unstuck, put that chocolate donut down, and move the hell forward. You’ll probably end up firing your shrink and saving a ton of money. You’re welcome.

    #3 You’ll be a part of something bigger than yourself. The Third Act Series is part of a wave of women lifting up women, women taking control of their lives, women telling women’s stories, and women in the film industry, making it happen, both in front of and behind the camera. So what if people start to think you’re a lesbian! Susan and Jody are Fresbians (women who’s close friendships cause others to think they are lesbians), and proud of it! Plus, you and your BFF are more likely to get cozy little tables with a view in restaurants.

    #4 This show will give you a six pack of abs and a tight butt. We’re not kidding. When one laughs, one tends to tighten the muscles of the abdominal region as well as one’s gluteus maximus. This is science people, so listen up. If you watch The Third Act Series’ episodes over and over (it is recommended that you do) you won’t need to go to the gym … And forget yoga! Admit it, it was boring anyway.

    #5 You will be getting in on the ground floor of something big. Maybe you had the money to buy Apple stock back in the eighties, but you chose to invest in Block Buster Video Stores instead. This has most likely gnawed at you for decades. One word: Forgiveness. Forgive yourself for that lame ass move. You’re smarter now. You’re in the know. You were a little foggy headed back then from that bad hairdo, doing coke and disco dancing. You’ve cleaned up your act and now you know where it’s at. Watch The Third Act Series, in its baby stages, and you’ll have bragging rights the rest of your life for following them on Instagram before they hit the 200 mark. Bam!



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