Top 8 Takeaways From Entrepreneur Gerard Adams

    “Every entrepreneur has their moment when they go from being an admirer to a leader.”

    saveFor the last 12 months, Gerard Adams, co-founder of Elite Daily, accompanied by his film crew, traveled around the world in search of today’s modern day leaders. Adams, widely known as the “Millennial Mentor”, set out to find potential individuals that possess key skills which are far and few between.

    In his recent web series, “Leaders Create Leaders”, viewers had the opportunity to follow Adams on his journey around the world as he searches for the young men and women that set themselves apart from the rest. Aside from finding the natural born leaders, he is also using his voice to help inspire and educate young individuals in an attempt to cultivate their minds and reach ultimate success with his motivational and life changing skills. “We need leaders to make a change in all the tension and turmoil,” Adams exclaims passionately.

    In “Calling All Leaders”, the finale episode of season one, Gerard Adams offers his viewers some send-off lessons that you’ll definitely want to remember. Tying up loose ends and reiterating valuable lessons to take with you are a sure fire way to help get yourself on the leadership track (and stay there).
    Smart Tools. Brilliant Results.

    1. The True Meaning of a Leader

    Adams expresses his beliefs in what a true leader should be. Being a leader means going against the grain and to use your power to make sure you don’t fall into the category of a “follower”. Throughout life, we are constantly told to take what we are taught as is. However, the Millennial Mentor has another idea in mind.

    1. Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

    For Gerard Adams, rising up and ultimately defeating all odds came when he left his comfort zone. Growing up in Newark, bordering Belleville, Adams learned that he will never get farther from where he was at the exact moment by simply staying in the same spot he has always been in. The only way to rise above and beyond is to take yourself places that you have never been before. These uncharted territories can offer handfuls of opportunity that nobody has embarked on.

    1. Set a New Standard for Yourself

    By setting new goals for yourself, you are cultivating your growth and tapping into personal potential you may not have been aware of. By taking control of your own destiny, you can create a path for yourself that will lead to countless opportunities and rewards. Take control of your life and create the environment that you want for yourself.

    1. Never Give Up

    This is a life lesson we have learned from a young age. If you want something, you go out and get it, no matter what hardships or obstacles stand in your way. No one said it was easy, however, plenty have proven that it was worth it. Pushing yourself in a healthy, yet hungry manner goes beyond telling yourself you can achieve something and is more appropriately defined as believing you can achieve it.

    1. The Journey Takes Toughness

    Developing thick skin is an extremely important aspect in your journey to success. Nothing comes easy and sometimes you need to stand your ground. Having thick skin will help you in multiple ways, whether it be “not taking no for an answer” or walking away from something disappointed but not defeated. Thick skin means you wake up every morning hungrier than the previous and knowing that each day brings a new journey, a new opportunity. It is about owning your wins, but more importantly, owning your losses, learning from them and striving even harder.

    1. Have Blind Faith

    Blind faith goes way beyond “hope”. Typically, hope is outlined by empty ambition and tends to lack the importance of belief. Blind faith gives you that belief in both your journey and yourself. It is not defined by “hoping” you make it, but believing you will make, unaware of the specific hurdles you have to jump. Blind faith gives you the ability to keep pushing forward and having the belief in yourself to overcome any obstacles that present themselves on your path.

    1. Find the Leader Within

    Not everyone is a natural born leader; however, it is 100% possible to find the leader within. In the words of Adams, “This doesn’t mean you have to be a big time CEO or own a big startup. It doesn’t matter how much money you have, it matters how you lead your life”

    1. Be Brave, Be Resilient

    Adams quotes Tony Robins when he says, “Success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure.” Not only should you have heart in yourself and your journey, but also to be brave and never let yourself slip into doubt. When reaching for success, there is no turning away, turning back or hiding. There is no giving up or giving in, you must stay true to yourself and your journey and face tough times with a head held high. Remind yourself that the only thing standing in your way is yourself. Overcome obstacles with resiliency and you will be sure to come out victorious.

    In 2015, Adams sold Elite Daily for $50 Million, as he had new plans in mind for not only himself, but the hopefully youth around him. His dedication was then geared towards bringing a new form of education through the principles of entrepreneurship to inner urban communities throughout the nation. In March of 2016, Adams opened “Fownders” located in Newark, NJ, which is described as an incubator to mentor young entrepreneurs. His passion for developing young minds is only just beginning as he plans to take Fownders nationwide to call all leaders to come together.

    Adams believes that anyone can become a leader if they believe they have the power and tools to do so. He encourages young minds to become leaders in their own community and their own lives with the people that surround them.

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