Top 7 Reasons We Fell For John Cusack

    And yet, in the new film Love & Mercy, Cusack will surprise you. Cusack’s portrayal of Beach Boys front man Brian Wilson in the new Bill Pohlad-directed biopic, is receiving tremendous attention and praise! Love & Mercy is an American biographical film directed by Bill Pohlad about musician and songwriter Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys. The film, deriving its title from the 1988 song by Wilson, is presented in a parallel narrative covering two specific time periods of Wilson’s life: the 1960s and the 1980s. Actors Paul Dano and John Cusack depict the young and old Wilson, respectively, with Elizabeth Banks as Wilson’s second wife, Melinda, and Paul Giamatti as psychotherapist Dr. Eugene Landy.

    The real life Wilson – who had little involvement with the film’s development – called it “very factual”. The title takes its name from Wilson’s 1988 single, “Love and Mercy”, which also appears on his eponymous debut solo album Brian Wilson.

    All of this in the wake of controversial headlines and quotes made by Cusack during his round of press interviews surrounding the film, “John Cusack: President Barack Obama Is “As Bad or Worse Than Bush”. Hollywood is not only reminiscing about the Beach Boys Greatest Hits at the premiere, but now thanks to John the mass public is also reminiscing about the last decade of trending, political hot buttons.

    Moving forward on a positive note…Cusack’s outspoken declaration is just one of his endearing attributes that separates him from other leading men!

    How did you know John Cusack was the one? 

    He’s the guy that everyone loves.  He’s every guy.

    He’s Hoops McCan.  He’s Lane Myer.  He’s Rob Gordon.  He’s Jonathan Trager.  He’s Jackson Curtis.

    And my personal favorite…sigh…he’s Lloyd Dobler.

    John Cusack has played some extremely versatile characters over the years and we adore him for it! The unexpected leading man has kept his dream boat status for decades with a new generation of young girls falling for him. However, we simply can’t let go of the classics that imprinted our hearts forever.


    The Top 7 Reasons We Fell Hard For John Cusack 

    #7 – Stand by Me …Anytime

    John Cusack doesn’t need the limelight to have a career that spans over 30 years.  His roles are typically the underdog….the guy who would stand by you through thick and thin, the big brother everyone longs for.


    #6 – His Identity

    He comes from a showbiz family.  His father, Dick Cusack was an actor and filmmaker, and siblings Joan Cusack, Ann Cusack, Bill Cusack and Susie Cusack are all accredited actors.  He makes it a point to work his siblings into his films.  Gotta love a family man. John remains pretty private about his personal life. We all love a good mystery and edge of your seat thriller like Mr. Cusack.

    #5 – Hot Tub Time Machine

    Whether you’re 23 or 43, you know John Cusack.  He stands the test of time.  He falls just under the radar, but as soon as you bring up his name, everyone has their own favorite Cusack film. His roles make him appealing to the masses. He is relatable as just one of the guys you want to hang with in a hot tub.,8599,1975143,00.html,8599,1975143,00.html


    # 4  Serendipity

    He doesn’t need luck. John is living proof nice guys don’t always finish last and he knows how to make his own destiny!


    # 3 Being John Malkovich

    Almost didn’t recognize him.  He enjoys working on off beat roles, which just makes movie goers love him more. We never know where he’ll turn up or what’s really going on in the depths of his mind.



    #2 – Better off Dead

    I want my two dollars.  TWO DOLLARS!!!!!!

    We would never break your heart John!


    #1 Say Anything…

    Swoon…Lloyd Dobler.  Who doesn’t love the guy who holds a boom box outside your window?  To this day, I can’t listen to In your eyes without wishing I was Diane Court.

    And then I think…

    You must chill!

    You must chill!

    #1 Say Anything… Swoon…Lloyd Dobler.  Who doesn’t love the guy who holds a boom box outside your window?  To this day, I can’t listen to In your eyes without wishing I was Diane Court.   And then I think… You must chill! You must chill!


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