Top 7 Coolest Dudes Ever

    There are certain people that seem to go through that birth canal and pop out instantly cool. We can’t really seem to explain it. Other people try to imitate the coolness but it comes across sad. What is it????
    How do certain guys just exude coolness???

    I was born with an awkwardness that can sometimes come across as charm. I call it, “nerdy cool”, very Emma Stone esque. It falls somewhere between a dork and an a-hole.

    Not these people though. These individuals can turn an awkward response into just about the COOLEST thing to say in that moment.

    In this brief dedication to those individuals that will never have their cool card revoked way into their elder years, I wanted to put that question into the universe…

    These individuals are cool, yet completely different from one another. I am trying to find a common thread.

     Top 7 Coolest Cats of All Time

    7) Zack Morris
    Saturday morning television was never the same after we were introduced to the California dreamboat, Zack Morris, a lovable yet mischievous teen charming his way into our hearts and living rooms. Kid tested and parent approved. ( Think Dennis the Menace meets Ryan Gosling in the early 90s. )
    P.s. I still hold a grudge about Jeff. I hate that guy. No wonder he has never worked again. That was no coincidence.
    Every young guy had found his new idol and girls had their first crush. Zack was the perfect mix of what everyone was looking for.  He always pulled off crazy schemes/stunts to get what he wanted, but a lesson was learned and his heart was always in the right place so we let it slide.

    6)Jack Nicholson

    Jack Nicholson, best known for his unique, challenging roles, and long-running escapades as “Hollywood Bad Boy Bachelors” with Warren Beatty, is still at it at age 77. From generation to generation, Jack simply cannot avoid being cool. Women have tried to tame him and men think hanging out with him would be like a P-Diddy Ciroc commercial. But none the less, people gravitate to his confidence and delivery. Young or old, skinny or …out of shape we shall say, Jack Nicholson will forever be cool.

    5)Johnny Depp

    “Remove one accessory before leaving the house.” – Coco Chanel

    A quote Johnny Depp must have never got the memo and clearly, it doesn’t seem to apply to him. Whether it is accessories, tattoos, dating models, owning an island, or naming your child after a bird/pirate, the newly wed, father of two, knows no bounds when it comes to his cool factor. The paler your movie character, the more audiences adore you Mr. Depp. Johnny Depp, you are an undeniable artist who also just happens to be very weird.

    4)Lenny Kravitz


    Only Lenny Kravitz…

    That face. That voice. His musicality. His intoxicating Judaism and spirituality. Wrap that all up in a big ol’ scarf and he embodies what it means to be cool. A true rockstar to the core, Lenny Kravitz simply does not give a f*ck! Perhaps that is the big appeal. Perhaps it is how tight his pants are always. Women fawn over him and men, well men don’t really get it, but they still think anyone who can pull this look off must have something special.

    3) Prince

    You would think that high pitched vocal must come from one of the dozens of women that surround him on a daily basis, but no, this guy pulls off Grade A tail at any octive. People have proclaimed him to be a musical prodigy and he has a symbol to prove it. His mononym simply wasn’t enough of a distinction for the Purple Rain singer. Spanning decades of flamboyant stage performances and costumes, people have placed him on the highest pedestal of cool. On a scale of one to Prince, how cool are you?

    Game. Blouses.

    2) Dean Martin

    Dean Martin, a Rat Pack front man, made celebrity roasts cool before Comedy Central. Dino was a class act all the way. Talent, charisma, classic good looks, people gravitated towards him from every corner of the room. Dean Martin knew how to make everyone feel special. From bright Vegas Lights, Hollywood starlets, and an untouchable legacy, Martin’s nickname will forever remain, “King of Cool”!

    1)Arthur Fonzarelli

    He may be a fictional character from 1970’s pop culture, but this guy walked the walk. Literally. There was n one cooler at Arnold’s diner. Not even Henry Winkler could ever shake off the image of a bad to the bone, nice guy, and heartthrob of Happy Days. “The Fonz” understood his popularity and never abused his power. He had a responsibility to be the coolest guy around everyday of the week.

    Sure, they all have an individuality about them that is unsurpassed a very unique pairing…

    but that ISN’T QUITE IT!

    It’s 2015…We all have embraced that quirkiness about ourselves now. I mean, have you ever seen Glee?? We promote the shiz out of being an “individual” and not caring about what others think of us.

    If you do anything “following the sheep” it makes you a tool. You like cheese?? Well, whatever everyone loves cheese…That’s so not original.

    Style, Intelligence, Attitude, Mystery…yeah, yeah, yeah, I get it…But there is something about these dudes that separates them from the bunch!

    What is it about these gents that make them so untouchable and cool?

    Was their baby womb wallpapered in suede?

    Ladies seemed to have thrown themselves at them since the play pen. How did they just grow up to be so dang COOL!!!???



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