Top 6 Easy Summer Hair Styles



    All about the braid, about the braid, bout’ the braid- No trouble! The “no trouble” braid is a must do, hair do for every girl on the girl who wants to look fabulous while taking on the world and playfully basking in the summer sun.

    With warmer days upon us, ladies feel the need keep our locks up in order to keep cooler.

    -But the “basic pony” is just not cool.  It may be out of our face and off our necks but women still feel so “undone”.

    Plus, who has time to mess with our hair when there’s so many fun things to do outside?  So here are some up-dos that will have you looking and feeling COOL.   The hottest hair trend is adding a braid or two.  The best part?  It doesn’t have to be sleek – the messier the better…

    Fun and Flirty is the theme this Summer!


     #6.  Side Braid Pony



     #5. Top Braid Pony





     #4.  Low Pony With Hair Tie



     #3.  Braids, Braids and More Braids. How Fedorable?



     #2. Messy Pony & Braids.



     #1.  Boho Braids.



    Now go out and enjoy yourself!



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