Top 5 Things to Do Before Bed to Sleep Better

    Life is too short for you to be tired all the time. You’re even too busy to spend more time in bed than you should. However, I’ve discovered that the solution to this is to increase the quality of your sleep by squeezing enough energy and rest from every hour.

    So, today I’ll take you through some of the five things healthy and prosperous people do to help them sleep. They should help you to wake up feeling energetic and ready to tackle the business of the day!

    1. Set a Schedule

    The first and crucial step you need to take is creating a fixed sleeping routine. You should follow this schedule even during weekends and holidays. I should also point out that to get amazing results, avoid fighting your personal rhythm. You’ll find that there are those people who are ‘programmed’ to sleep longer than others. So, always respect your body’s sleeping patterns, and you’ll sleep comfortably and wake up refreshed!

    2. Preparing Your Bedroom

    To get enough sleep, I like keeping my bedroom, calm, dark and quiet. Eliminating all the light and noise from your room is essential. It’s also necessary to have a comfortable bed by buying the best type of mattress. If you’re going through difficulties in choosing the right product, you can visit and learn more about them!

    3. What’s Your Night Time Diet Like?

    Sadly, your body is not ‘designed’ to digest food and at the same time sleep. Therefore, if you want a heavy meal, eat it early in the night. If not, just stick to ‘lighter’ foods! There are several foods which can quickly make you sleep. These trigger the release of Melatonin while others Tryptophan. You can get them in the following bed-time snacks:

      • Warm milk
      • Honey
      • Almonds
      • Marmite
      • Chamomile
      • Oatcakes
      • Bananas

    4. Check Your Beverages

    We all know the role caffeine plays in causing lack of sleep. If you want to have a cup of coffee or tea, take it early in the morning. It will keep you alert throughout the day. But do you need it when going to bed? The simple answer is no! This is the time when you need something soothing and relaxing!

    Also, avoid taking alcohol or wine. Yes, they are quite relaxing, and you’ll sleep within ‘seconds’ but the second stage of your sleep will be uncomfortable and restless.

    5. Switch off Your Gadgets

    Nowadays, we like taking our computers and phones to bed. In most cases, we want to catch up with the latest shows on our favorite networks, listen to relaxing tunes or talk to our friends on our Facebook and Twitter pages. Even though this looks like a fun and exciting thing to do, it destroys your sleeping cycle.

    To help you overcome this problem, I would advise you to use Flux. It’s a simple, free app that makes your computer screen’s color match the time of the day, notifying you when the time for bed is near!


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