Top 5 Hair Removal Methods Breakdown

    For most individuals (whether man or woman), hair removal is proactively a part of your regular beauty maintenance regimen. Each person may even use various methods on different target areas of their face and body to ensure the absolute best results.

    The problem with many of these techniques and strategies is they become mundane, time-consuming, and costly tasks which may cause even more damage to the skin! Yet, we still seek smooth, hairless skin. It is important to understand all of your options, the myths, and pros & cons towards hair removal while achieving a healthy illuminating aesthetic.  You might even be thinking about permanent removal so you have fewer things to remember to do during a standard morning routine. If this is you and you are tired of the hassle, we are offering a breakdown to assess the right solution for you!

    Top 5 Hair Removal Methods Breakdown

     #5 Shaving

    shutterstock_254735815One of the pros of shaving facial and body hair is it can be a great time saver! It’s also extremely easy. All you need to have is a new sharp razor (disposable, electric or traditional blades), shaving cream or even shower gel and you’re ready to begin the process. The best part is it’s a painless, self-sufficient method, and works on everyone- which is exactly what most individuals are looking for. The biggest con to shaving is it can leave behind ingrown hairs, unsightly razor bumps, possible nicks and cuts, etc., depending on stroke and condition of your skin. Also, people with sensitive skin types may experience irritation because a layer of skin is also removed in the process of shaving (Exfoliation is normally a good thing, but can also lead to dryness). It is imperative to continuously clean out and replace razors to avoid the dulling of the blade which ultimately creates most of the damage (…in frequent cases). However, the average results of a clean shave only lasts from 1 to 3 days. 

    #4 Tweezing/Threading

    The pros of tweezing and/or threading is you or an expert is essentially pulling out individual hairs by the root- which works wonders on small areas in order to maintain shape- like for designing brow lines! It is a fairly sanitary method, but it helps to perhaps rub alcohol before and after each use applying directly on to the specific area in order to lower your chances of redness or infection. Tweezing and/or threading can also last between 3- 8 weeks. For this reason it tends to be a bit cheaper because it keeps precise results for an extended period of time. The cons include, people with sensitive skin who may experience some type of tenderness. Also, if the proper thread is not used, it will result in irritated skin. Make sure you or the person you are allowing to perform this method is skilled in the art of those specific techniques.

    #3 Waxing

    shutterstock_300950153The pros of waxing are the hair grows back thinner in comparison to shaving. It is a more comfortable form of hair removal for men because it’s a quick fix. Also, waxing is great for removing hair for large areas- legs, backs, Brazilian, etc. The cons consist of the potential aftermath if new, untouched natural or organic formulas are not used. If after waxing, a person experiences over exposure to the sun, hyperpigmentation may occur on the skin. Also, if not done properly it can cause premature wrinkles. It is vital to leave waxing to the experts in order to avoid a more painful process and/or unwanted outcome!

    Tips: Hair has to be at least 1/4 inch long for the wax to grab it. So let your hair grow for a few weeks before waxing.

    #2 Laser Hair Reduction

    The pros of traditional electrolysis and lasers is that if done properly, it is considered safe and effective. A highly-trained technician destroys the roots with strong beams of light. Laser hair removal is really one of the most effective ways to have long-term hair reduction. It works best on large areas, not including the face, and cannot be performed on all hair and skin, colors and types. For instance, it’s optimal with dark hair and light skin. It won’t work on white hair and doesn’t work well on blond, red or grey hair either. Additional cons are that laser treatments are only approved by the FDA for permanent hair reduction and not permanent hair removal. It may take between 6-12 treatments to see results. You may need to go back every 6-12 months for a touch-up. Also, there can be side effects such as itching, swelling, or even burning.

    #1  The Smooth System by Lucy Peters 100% Guaranteed

    The definitive hair removal experts for more than 40 years, with more than 100,000 individuals of all skin and hair types treated successfully with 100% guaranteed smooth results! Sound too good to be true??? Thought so.

    This is not only one of the best kept secrets for consumers in the market, but even industry professionals are just now discovering the latest technological innovation and game-changing hair-removal and smooth skin solution!

    The pros of The Smooth System include everything from a pain free experience to a safe and effective execution. That means, everyone, every hair, everywhere! With The Smooth System by Lucy Peters, you can expect permanent hair removal, with a flawless finish and no skin damage- only overall aesthetic skin improvement. The Smooth System by Lucy Peters works with any area of the face and body and with any hair color/type and skin tone including Gray, Red, and Vellus (peach fuzz). The Smooth System by Lucy Peter’s saves money and the additional benefit is baby smooth skin! No chance to burn, cut, discolor or scar the skin.  No ingrown hairs or bacterial infection.  Just smooth, hairless skin.

    The Smooth System by Lucy Peters Guarantee means you can feel safe with your decision to invest in permanent hair removal with 100% confidence that desired superior results will be delivered.


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    About Lucy Peter’s Aesthetic Center


    The Story:

    After years of struggling and suffering through painful and regular waxing sessions, as well as conventional electrolysis- which resulted in nothing but scars and damage to the skin, Lucy Peters, a NYC woman, devoted decades of research and development in pursuit of creating this safe, effective, and technologically progressive integrated system.

    Introducing The LPS 33 Epilator, a flexible needle-like probe sending an RF current into each and every single hair follicle, desiccate the blood vessels, and seamlessly eliminating any future hair growth, the FDA immediately recognized the immense value. No surrounding skin tissues is touched or effected during the process, alleviating any concern of injury or scarring and leading to desirable, and improved skin safe for all skin and hair, types and colors! The Smooth System by Lucy Peters is both a medical & aesthetic solution.

    With a flawless record of advanced achievement for over 40 years, Lucy Peters Smooth System has been the beauty and aesthetic spaces best kept secret. Over 100,000 satisfied clients and counting are a true testament to the Lucy Peter’s vision of becoming serious about smooth.

    lp-slider-imgExclusive to the LP brand, The Smooth System by Lucy Peters is the ONLY FDA approved, proven permanent hair removal treatment in the world. An affordable & patented, “The Smooth System” by Lucy Peters leads the forefront of the aesthetic industry!

    • Effective & Safe
    • Pain-Free
    • Permanent Quality Results
    • No Skin Damage
    • Any Area of the Face & Body
    • Any Hair Color/Type & skin Tone Including Gray, Red & Vellus (Peach Fuzz)

    The Smooth System is the only true permanent hair removal treatment plan on the market in New York City to not only rid yourself of the unwanted hair, but provide flawless, healthy benefits for your skin on the treated area.

    During your complimentary consultation in the NYC office conveniently located at 150 East 58th Street in New York 10155, a certified technician will assess the targeted areas and address your concerns. A unique and customized plan based on a variety of factors will be implemented including the amount of hair and the type of hair surfacing each designated area.


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