Top 5 Celebrity Tax Evaders

    Tax evaders are no joke and tax evasion is certainly not limited to a poor man’s game. Countless high-profile names and celebrities are not only guilty of lying on their taxes, but have been subjected to evasion, the public embarrassment and legalities of our United States court system. Everyone is envious of the lifestyles of the rich & famous. That is until they are convicted of tax evasion. The IRS proves time and time again- no one is safe! In fact, the IRS simply love to make an example of the scandalous stars trying to get one over on Uncle Sam.

    Let us have a moment in silence as we look back and remember on the holiest of American holidays, April 15th, Tax Day!

    The Top 5 Celebrity Tax Evaders

    #5 Lauren Hill 

    Ready or not, someone’s doing jail time. 

    #4 Nicholas Cage

    Government Vs. Cage: Now that’s a Face Off

    #3 Wesley Snipes

    Just because your pretty, doesn’t mean you don’t have to pay. 

    #2 Willie Nelson 

    Honestly, I think he just forgot.

    #1 Martha Stewart 

    Thug Life. 


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