Top 3 Reasons To Watch Pacquiao Vs Mayweather

    People are scrambling last minute to get their bets in! The gauntlet has been thrown for Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather in hopes to finally settle their longstanding score on May 2nd. These two iconic fighters will be stepping in the ring and squaring off in Las Vegas with millions of viewers tuning in. True fans of the sport or simply compulsive gamblers? That’s not really my call.

    This highly anticipated bout is promised to deliver an epic showdown and a packed Saturday night at the bar. Experts are weighing in on their predictions as they examine the facts claiming, “The number’s don’t lie. The buildup behind this rivalry is real.”

    With each fighter’s training style being critiqued by the public and their career stats being compared as they go head to head, it seems everyone has a different way to analyze the potential outcome of this match.

    Here are the Top 3 Reasons Pacquiao Vs Mayweather To Watch…

    #3 Pressure/”The Hype”

    Talk about 12 rounds of pressure.  With Pacquiao fighting for pride and his country and Mayweather competing for the glory, it is time for the excessive excuses to all be knocked out. Mayweather has been avoiding this for six years, so it is safe to say each professional is feeling the tension. No one wants to give up their immortal boxing titles, status, or championed legacy.

    #2 Lucrative Sums of Money

    The maximum payout for this battle is supposedly ranging a purse from 120 million for Pacquiao and up to 180 million for Mayweather. Not to mention, these rightly revered opponents are turning the greedy playground of Sin City into a hub for the wealthy. Celebrities, elite, and other rich aristocrats are flocking to sit ringside proving money and fame seem to always go hand in hand. The temptation for the average Joe has also “up the ante” with the Vegas betting lines breaking records. Everyone is trying to get in on a piece of the action. Looks like there is plenty of benjamins to go around. What are the odds?

    #1 America’s Obsession in Rooting for the Underdog

    In authentic Rocky-esque spirit, the general public tends to root for the underdog. Competition is nothing without room for doubt, an undeniable drive, motivation, quest, and humility!

    “I can easily beat Floyd Mayweather, I believe that,” Pacquiao wrote on Twitter. “Everyone had me as a big underdog to Oscar De La Hoya too. If Floyd Mayweather fights me, boxing will get an even bigger upset victory.”


    This is history in the making. A movie gone reality. Can’t wait to crown the successor!



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