Top 13 Instagram Tips for Millennial Entrepreneurs

    Here are the top XX Instagram Tips for Millennial Entrepreneurs.

    Tip #1:

    Post creative content that serves people a purpose in one way or another. Provide daily dos and don’ts, life tips, how to’s, etc!

    Use hashtags that are specific to your target audience, market, etc, instead of just random follower and like searching hashtags.

    Tag everyone in the photo if you know who was involved. Be as accurate as possible with location tagging.

    Use the live feature to make your audience feel as though they are in on what your company is up to everyday! It will help build a better brand relationship.

    Do contests that call your audience to action by exposing your brand to new users and creating a two-way-communication between your company and the public.

    Follow a color scheme or pattern that makes your Instagram page look visually appealing. Use only high-resolution, edited photos.

    -Cassi Manner, Social Media Manager for – Instagram @cassimanner
    Tip #2:

    Although Instagram is a visual platform, use all 2,000 words on the description as most business rarely use this feature.

    The text is important, however, because of its ability to find new followers. For a business, however, it makes sense to take advantage of the copy that is available since so many people search for images using hashtags. By using more copy, with more keywords and hashtags, the post will be much easier for new prospective customers to find.

    -Bob Bentz, President, – Instagram @purplegator_marketing

    Tip #3:

    Hashtags are key. According to recent research, accounts with less than 1,000 followers that posted images with 11 hashtags received an average of 78% interactions. For comparison, those with two hashtags received 41% interaction. To keep your captions from looking spammy, put your hashtags in a comment instead of the update itself. That way, as people comment, the caption remains easy on the eyes for your followers, but you still get the benefit of including hashtags strategically.

    -Emily Sidley, Director of Publicity, – Instagram @ThreeGirlsMedia and @EmilySidleyPR

    Tip #4:

    Have a theme and keep it. Use tags, around 8 to 10, try and use uncommon tags that people might search for in your industry to try and get to the top of search!

    Add tags as a comment once posted CTA – ask people to do something such as “Double tap if you want to visit Tokyo” or “Tag a friend you’d like to watch the sunrise in Thailand!”

    Link to facebook page, which turns your account to business and you get data from instagram from your page!

    =Dan Nelson, Travel Blogger, – Instagram @iamdannelson

    Tip #5:

    Targeting your niche: Don’t try to target everyone but focus on your niche, think about your ideal client, which pages would they follow? Then go on those specific pages and do what we call ” Growth Hacking” engage with the audience, follow them, like and comment their pics

    Content is KING. Create unique content, use your post to create emotion or teach your audience something unique from your industry. Then if you dont have a big audience yet use IG ads to promote your amazing post.

    -Ben Guez, Founder of – Instagram –

    Tip #6:

    In February, I decided to further separate the company from my personal brand by creating a separate IG account. But rather than run it myself, I passed it to the Goodwill Ambassador, our black feline by the name of Shadow the PR Cat.

    The account gains followers at a much higher rate than any of the others we manage at the firm, and pictures of Shadow always gets the most attention. He is well-loved by humans and other IG cats, alike.

    Most new IG accounts also take time before they attract engagement in the form of comments, but almost immediately, the comments and questions started pouring in.

    I check in every so often to ensure all is well, but the best IG decision we ever made was giving the reigns to the office cat.

    -Alexis Chateau, Founder of, Instagram – @alexischateaullc

    Tip #7:
    Due to advertising overload, consumers these days – especially younger demographics – have learned to block out and ignore traditional advertising channels, instead relying more heavily on the endorsements of their friends, family, and social influencers. While this has been detrimental to the effectiveness of print, TV, and radio advertising, it has opened up tremendous opportunity in digital spaces likeInstagram.

    An effective Instagram marketing strategy we use to obtain profitable business referrals is leveraging our target consumers’ own personal network to do our advertising for us. We incentivize our customers to share our product on their personal Instagram accounts, which allows us to tap into their network of friends and family, effectively amplifying our advertising efforts and earning new business through these personal endorsements.

    Social media based referral programs have proven to pay big dividends in the current business climate given that the average person spends almost two hours on their various social media accounts a day.

    -Ryan Phillips, Head of Marketing, – @bioclarity

    Tip #8:

    Be mindful of where you place hashtags. Rather than clutter a post caption, hide them in a separate comment or use line breaks after your caption that look like this: […]

    Use images that are aesthetically pleasing (not obvious stock images) to market your business and credit the photographer of the image if you did not take it.

    Engage with other followers outside of the ones in your feed. Check in with some of your favorite hashtags to find new users. Like their photos, comment, and follow them to develop a rapport together.

    -Deborah Sweeney, CEO of, Instagram – @mycorporation

    Tip #9:

    The best is to only post one or two times a day. I’d recommend this strategy especially if your products are visually attractive. – Catchy captions are good, but the best is to make questions because it makes people comment, which is what you want if you want your posts or account go viral.

    Hashtags are not that good because they can look spammy. Only one or two hashtags per post if you really feel like posting one.- Create visually attractive content. By this I mean very colorful posts and with simple backgrounds, especially one color backgrounds work very well, but not in every post as it can get boring for your followers too.- Ask your followers to create content of your products!

    Usually, your customers will appreciate being featured and you’ll get great quality content for your account.- It really helps to encourage your followers to comment. It increases your activity and engagement rate which any account needs to have high activity.

    -Brian Condenanza, Founder of Instagram – @fluoshoes @watches

    Tip 10:

    Although it’s a business account, show your personal side. For example show behind the scenes at home (w/ family) or in the office so your clients can relate to you and your business.

    -Joselin L. Estevez, Social Media Director for New Theory, Instagram @NewTheoryMag

    Tip 11:

    There is a science to growing your Instagram following, and it usually doesn’t just happen overnight. It takes a lot of hard work, creativity and determination. But when done properly, it can be a great tool for marketing not only your business, but your overall brand. One of the most important things to do is utilize the right hashtags. The main goal is to create engagement with your current audience while also increasing your following. So while posting new and interesting photos will meet the first requirement, adding the proper hashtags to your photos is also really important. A lot of people will just post their hashtags in the caption, but you should consider doing this in the comment section every once in awhile. This will change up your strategy, declutter the appearance of your caption, and create engagement in the comment section. Either way makes it easier for people to find your photos when searching for those kinds of terms. If you want to find the most popular hashtags, I recommend using Webstagram. Don’t just stop there though. Make sure you’ve done the appropriate keyword research so that your hashtags are relevant to your brand, but are also being searched for frequently. My favorite keyword search tool for Instagram is Iconosquare, which provides easy to use analytics.

    I also recommend using professional photography for your content. It makes a world of difference when viewers are evaluating your brand. People can tell if your pictures were taken on an iPhone, or if they were done properly. The main product offering of Instagram is photo content, so why not do it right? By sharing professional, high resolution photos, your audience will take you more seriously, and your brand will continue to grow.

    -Tanner St. James, Social Media Strategist of, Instagram – @thescottresort

    Tip 12:

    My best marketing tip – particularly for those who are starting out in a niche or industry that is dry (i.e. finance) is to tell the story in a unique way and choose visuals that represent your company values and brand. We chose fun vibrant colours, inspirational quotes for entrepreneurs, and sneak peeks behind the scenes using art and similar themes.
    -Danielle Cadet, Co-Founder of, Instagram – @costcanvas
    Tip 13:
    Use instagram as a way to engage and involve partners and thought leaders in your industry. An easy way to do this is by tagging the folks that you want to see your message, either in the IG image or in the comments/description. The more you invoke the biggest voices in your industry, the stronger the association you build with those influencers, companies, and individuals. It’s not only a branding tactic but also a way to build strong relationships, which can lead to partnerships, cobranding opportunities, and more.
    -Richard Heby, Marketing Manager at, Instagram – @liquidspace

    So there it is, some people believe in hashtags, while others may not think they hold as much weight. Either way, these 13 tips from the experts will help you grow your (Instagram) business.


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