Top 10 Unknown Fun Facts About Plastic Surgery

    10. Non-Surgical Procedures Still Count As “Getting Work Done…”

    There are countless procedures that do not include going under the knife, however, the results produce the same desired and effective outcomes. The drastic increase in the number of medspa facilities have helped to secure a solid forum for individuals who are still seeking cosmetic solutions.

    Coolscultping, Venus Freeze, Microdermabrasion, Chemical Peels, Laser Hair Removal, and Injectables/Fillers, still all fall under the category of cosmetic treatments for both men and women. It’s okay though… In 2015, it is simply considered to be, “good grooming”.


    9. Thank Plastic Surgeons For Shatterproof Windshields

    The revolutionary collaboration between a group of emergency medical physicians and plastic surgeons encouraged the design of shatterproof windshields in the 1930s. Concerning numbers and the severity of facial lacerations caused by automobile accidents motivated these medical professionals to develop a windshield that could potential prevent irreversible cosmetic damage.

    8. US President Bill Clinton Put Forth A Bill Stating The Cost Of Plastic Surgery Should Be Covered Under Insurance

    This law would be set to cover breast augmentation to achieve symmetry between opposite breasts. This was a strong move for the relief of both the plastic surgeons and their patients. Not so much insurance policies… Leave it to America’s presidential “ladies man”, and noted appreciator of beautiful things, to be looking out for cosmetic improvements!

    7.  The World War Is Responsible For New Innovations In Plastic Surgery Techniques

    With an outlandish number of wounded soldiers, the surgeons were forced to improvise. This lead to new, innovative techniques for various corrective procedures. Although, in 1980’s individuals were introduced to surgeons performing procedures like liposuction, “youthification” treatments, and a wide range of implants, no wars were accredited to influencing that trend- just vanity.

    6. The Very 1st Boob Job Dates Back To 1895.

    Perhaps we can blame old fashion standards of beauty for unrealistic modern-day expectations? Bustles, Corsets, 20 inch waistlines…That sounds about right…

    -And, P.s. Breasts used to be injected with beeswax.

    5. The # of Tooshie Augmentations Have Increased By 86% Within One Years Time

    Thank you Amber Rose, Nicki Minaj, The Kardashians, and oh yeah…Brazil.

    4. Gaspare Tagliacozzi, A 16th Century Italian Surgeon, Is Considered The “Father of Modern Plastic Surgery”.

    Tagliacozzi (1545–99) is renowned for developing reconstructive surgery, specifically rhinoplasty, to restore noses that had been amputated in the war.

    3. The Basic Principles For Plastic Surgery Were Discovered And Documented In Ancient India.

    2. Male Plastic Surgery Continues To Trend Throughout the Industry

    Many young men are getting “the job” done. According to Dr. Douglas Steinbrech and Dr. Philip Miller, two of the most widely acclaimed surgeons in the industry, increasing numbers of male patients are coming to them and getting work done, but guess what for? To find work!

    1. $12 Billion Dollars Was Spent On Cosmetic Procedures In America Alone In 2014

    Ain’t that America.


    *** Interested in finding out more information about the various types of non-invasive and invasive procedures that can deliver you desired aesthetics and enhance your life, consult with the leading experts and board certified professionals, Dr. Philip Miller and Dr. Douglas Steinbrech. 


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