Top 10 Most Expensive ZIP Codes

    Forbes released the 2015 list of the 500 Most Expensive ZIP Codes in America.  Three years into a national real estate recovery, home prices remain strong as ever.  Once again, Atherton, CA 94027 tops the list, with the median home price at $10.6 million.   Last year, New York City dominated this list, with six of the top 10 most expensive ZIPs in the country. This year, it got squeezed out by California, with only two New York City ZIPs making it to the top 10.

    Here I thought the number one spot would go to 90210, but that is just so 90’s. There is no denying that the cost of living is astronomical as our country experiences an all time low in home ownership and investments. One things is for sure, these coastal properties or high-end  cities may be expensive, but they always attracting new buyers. I mean, who doesn’t want to live large in an elite neighborhood?

    They may not be the tourist spots we picture in our minds when we think of luxury vacations- nonetheless rich people are gravitating towards the area codes in order to seclude themselves from the real world.

    Whether it is status you are after, or you genuinely believe these are the best places to live, I hope you have your check books out!

     The top 10 most expensive ZIP codes are:


    1. 94027 ATHERTON, CA                                    $ 10,564,038
    2. 11962 SAGAPONACK, NY                               $ 7,416,538
    3. 10012 NEW YORK, NY                                     $ 7,302,117
    4. 81656 WOODY CREEK, CO                          $ 7,020,893
    5. 10013 NEW YORK, NY                                   $ 6,076,018
    6. 33109 MIAMI BEACH, FL                             $ 5,560,077
    7. 94062 WOODSIDE, CA                                  $ 5,533,534
    8. 91302 HIDDEN HILLS, CA                            $ 5,074,231
    9. 81611 ASPEN, CO                                              $ 5,003,783
    10. 94010 HILLSBOROUGH, CA                       $ 4,951,458


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