Top 10 High Paying Gigs Post College

    Spoiler Alert: 9/10 of the Highest- Paying College Majors are in Engineering Fields.

    According to a new report from The Georgetown University Center on Education and in the Workforce analyzed annual wages for 137 college majors and released the data for the top-paying degrees leading the industry and securing a stable, even luxurious future for post grads.

    The top-paying degree is petroleum engineering, with a median annual income of $136,000 per year. Sounds good to me! 

    Coming in #2 , with a mere annual salary of $113,000…
    Pharmacy, pharmaceutical sciences and pharmaceutical administration.
    Lesson here seniors…Get into pharmaceuticals! As the only major among the top 10 that doesn’t have to do with engineering, this shows how much money is to be made in the field of medicine, not curing disease, but figuring out a way to successfully allow you to live with your ailment.
    Over the course of a lifetime, the difference between the highest and lowest paying incomes accumulates to 3.4 million dollars. Estimating and $97,000 increase after a single year alone.
    College-educated workers and skilled trade professionals are always in constant competition for who makes up majority of the workforce and potential success rates. No longer are the days where a family man who unfortunately lost his job could move on to another position that isn’t career based and oriented. A blue collar individual used to be able to work as a gas station attendant or a local food market if need be in order to provide- but not any more.
    My advice to the new generation, check out the following facts and reports when making your decisions. Follow passions and dreams, but pursue what is seemingly in high demand to ensure your able to take the next leaps in life.

    Top 10 High Paying Gigs Post College



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