Top 10 Celebrity Breakups We're Still Heartbroken Over

    Hollywood romances are usually a revolving door… One day they are photographed with someone, it fuels rumors causing a media frenzy and just when we come up with a moniker combining both parties names- it’s over! On to the next…

    Although, we have become accustomed to this flash dating scene among celebrities, every once in a while we fall in love and become emotionally invested in a new “IT” couple. When break up rumors start to swirl, we start to get anxiety holding onto hope that it’s all based on false evidence. Unfortunately, in most cases, where there is smoke, there is always fire. Next thing you know your favorite couple is issuing a PR statement which they have agreed to go their separate ways. Suddenly your heart breaks as if it was you that just got dumped!

    Here are Insider List’s Top 10 Celebrity Breakups that we are still aching over…

    #10 Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner


    After 10 years of marriage (considered one of Hollywood’s forevers), and three children, “Bennifer” called it quits on their marriage -leaving all of us doubting if true love even exists anymore. They were our glimmer of hope, and now that glimmer has died. It’s hard for us to accept. The demise of this marriage has been extremely hard on all of us. As famous as these two were, they seemed to share a simple life together, raising their children, doing normal things that made them seem real and made them very relatable. They often spoke of the mundane activities which filled their family routines and were always vocal about marriage being hard work. I guess the workload got to be too much and they couldn’t bear it anymore. Hopefully time will heal this wound.

    #9 Robin Thicke & Paula Patton


    Robin Thicke has always made us swoon with his sultry voice and romantic ballads. We fell in love with him and his wife Paula, eating up every bit of their high school sweetheart relationship. They married in 2005 after 11 years of dating and went on to have a baby boy. Thicke was dogged by cheating rumors which ultimately led to Patton filing for divorce after his biggest hit, Blurred Lines, peaked on the Billboard charts. His last album titled “Paula” led Thicke to embark on an apology tour in an attempt to win back his estranged wife. He even went as far as dedicating a song to her at the BET Awards as he sang through his tears. All his efforts produced his worst album sales to date, an embarrassing media tour and still no wife. The ending of the relationship was sad for sure, but you know what they say, either you grow with the person your with, or you grow apart. Unfortunately for them, they grew apart.

    #8 Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart


    Bella Swan and Edward Cullen had us obsessed with vampires and engulfed in their intense love affair on-screen in the Twilight series. Off screen, we watched a different love story unfold between Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson.  Their love was cute and romantic- in a high school puppy love kind of way-  until their romance was exposed in daylight and fell into darkness due to Kristen’s love “Twiangle”. Kristen was caught cheating with then  married director Rupert Sanders. As pictures swirled around the internet, Twilight fans everywhere died a little bit inside. The two tried to work it out, but ultimately ended their courtship as the Twilight series and press tour came to an end. At least we are left with fond prepubescent memories.

    #7 Ryan Gosling & Rachel McAdams


    Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams captured our hearts in the greatest love story ever told, “The Notebook”. So naturally when they started dating, our hearts were filled with joy! We all thought this match made in heaven would live out the rest of their days as a modern day version of Noah and Ali. Four years flashed in a blink, but hearts shattered around the world after they announced their split. Heartbreak turned to outrage when he publicized his now girlfriend, Eva Mendes’ pregnancy. After all, no one thought this millennial fairy tale was over.

    #6 Chris Brown & Rihanna


    Rihanna and Chris Brown had us all in awe when they did their remix to her hit “Umbrella”- bringing down the house at the MTV awards! We loved following them as the blogs and the tabloids showcased them frolicking on beaches, slaying red carpets and made beautiful music together. They were a match made in pop music heaven. Notoriously then things took a turn for the worst. Brown assaulted Rihanna in his car prompting them to not show up to a Grammy’s after-party where both were scheduled to perform. Pictures surfaced. Watching the breaking news that “Chris Brown physically attacked Rihanna”, exposing  a whole new image and dark side to Brown. Severe damage had been done to both Rihanna’s appearance and of course, his career.

    #5 Puff Daddy & JLo


    Puffy and JLo were the HOTTEST is the hip-hop game (Pre-power couple Jay and Be of course!!) R&B sex symbol with Bad Boy rapper (no pun intended)? It was hard not to be obsessed. Their relationship fell apart after a shootout at a NYC nightclub in 1999 which police found weapons in their car. Both parties were arrested. JLo quickly realized she just couldn’t be his “ride or die” chick any longer. Career first. She needed to move forward and become the mega star she is today. It was better that she moved on ( and on and on by the way), but what girl hasn’t loved a bad boy or two in their life?

    #4. Ryan Philippe & Resse Witherspoon


    Ryan and Reese’s steamy role in Cruel Intentions made us seriously hot and bothered. The two went on to become Young Hollywood’s Couple To Watch after marrying and having two beautiful children. When rumors of cheating swirled around Phillippe, we all shunned it off in disbelief. America’s sweethearts could never break up! A collective gasp came from everyone as Ryan and Reese announced the end of their marriage and hearts broke all over the world.

    #3 Brad Pitt & Jennifer Anniston

    brad and jennifer

    We loved every single thing about this romance. These two insanely beautiful people made an insanely beautiful couple. During their wedding, Jennifer vowed to make Brad’s favorite banana split as Brad promised to find the right balance on the thermostat. Adorbs! Brad definitely turned up the heat all right, only with another woman- the infamous man-stealer herself, Angelina Jolie. It’s been 10 years since their divorce was finalized and poor Jen still can’t catch a break in the tabloids- constantly being reminded that her marriage failed and why. I guess we will just never get over the ending of this one.

    #2 Jessica Simpson & Nick Lachey


    Who didn’t fall in love hard with these “Newlyweds” on their hit MTV reality show back in the 90’s. This outrageously cute couple captured our hearts as we watched them settle into marital bliss. Her “dumb blonde” moments and his charming down-to-earth ways made for great reality TV. Although, maybe letting millions into their life made it quite difficult for them to maintain a normal healthy marriage. After three short years, these two never made it out of the “newlywed phase”. Instead they headed towards divorce court. Thank God for Netflix if we ever want to relive the good ol’ days.

    #1 Brittany Spears & Justin Timberlake


    Just reminisce about this picture for a moment please. Need I say more? Let me see if I can get through this one without completely breaking down. These two were pure pop royalty. It just doesn’t get any better than Brittany and Justin. Meeting on their childhood work set of “The Mickey Mouse Club”, these two grew up in the limelight together. Both their careers blew up in the 90’s catapulting them into pop icons. We couldn’t get enough of these two with their red carpet appearances, killer award show performances and adorable puppy love. It was young love at it’s finest with. Brittany even bashfully admitted to Timberlake being her first kiss leaving the world constantly questioning when and if they had “gone all the way”. We thought they would be together forever, but like most young love comes with a epic heartbreak. Rumors of Brittany cheating set off the demise of their relationship and things were just never the same. Timberlake went on to become a solo superstar. A couple of quickie marriages for Brittany resulted in an episode of her jumping on the crazy train. I think we all could agree that the world would have been a better place if these two just stayed together.









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