Tools for Solo Entrepreneurs, How to Get In and Out Without Doing Anything

    It is not unusual for Canadian entrepreneurs to start their own business. More common, when they start to make all alone, without the help of managers or SMM agencies. These entrepreneurs are called Solopreneurs. If you are such one, this article will be very useful for you, because we are going to tell what tools will help you to build your business. Just imagine, you can kick back, watch YouTube, play slots online in Canada, or play your favorite video game while a program or tool does all the work for you!

    Let’s dig in!

    Easy Promotion

    Those who have already promoted their brand and worked with advertising know that it is a very difficult process. We offer you several apps that will make your advertising process easy. Not for free of course.

    • MyBusiness by ZapApps. In case you do not trust advertisers and want to control the process yourself. The tool is great for Google Ads. The monthly subscription costs $30, but this is practically small compared to the salary of a real advertiser.
    • HelloWoofy™ Social Media Management. The tool will definitely be needed for those who want to run ads on Facebook. This application optimally selects the necessary hashtags, geolocations and more. Also compatible with other social networks.

    Tools for Collectives

    If you are working in a team with a few other people, then we present you a number of apps that are easiest to give commands to.

    • Bulk Email Verifier. An excellent service that collects all mail from your employees and sends messages. You no longer need to copy and send the same text to everyone, the program will do it for you.
    • Taskolly Project Manager. An app that lets you split tasks into the little pieces. The subscription costs $39 per month, but this is not such a big price for the coordinator’s work. Everyone on your team can make changes and do specific parts of the work.

    Simply Useful Tools

    We would like to draw your attention to several tools that are suitable not only for Solopreneurs, but also for all busy people.

    • Foreceipt Receipt Tracker App. Completely solves the issue with checks. The program counts all the spent money through the camera of your smartphone.
    • Covve Card Scanner Unlimited Scans: Lifetime Subscription. For $25 a month, you get an electronic organizer with business cards. Everything is simple and convenient.


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