Energy Drink Tycoon Turned Private Label Manufacturer Frederico Panetta Talks About Life Outside The Office

    Frederico Panetta, hailing from Montreal is without a doubt the definition of a serial entrepreneur, starting several successful business ventures at a very young age, I had the pleasure of interviewing him on a more personal note to understand how he spends his time outside the office at Gould Industries, his private label packaging empire in Canada.  

    At the age of 17, Frederico had already begun his entrepreneurial journey by inventing a new beverage consumed by thousands, did you expect success at such a young age?

    How did this change your personal life with your family and peers? I asked. “I didn’t change much besides the fact that I knew that I could do anything if I put my mind to it. It allowed me to understand supply chain businesses and create more success around that,” says Frederico. Understanding this underlying mechanism is crucial in most business structures, knowing this at such a young age gave him a distinct advantage early on.

    Do you feel the need to unwind after a long day at that office or is it enjoyable to you?

    “I don’t consider work, work. For me, I’m having fun doing what I’m doing. Every day is filled with challenges that make this game of life fun!” Frederico exclaims.

    Running several successful business ventures, its important to unwind and enjoy the freedom youve created in pursuit of perfecting your craft. When youre not tending to your businesses, what are some hobbies you share with family or friends?

    “I have a fantastic time cooking exquisite meals, traveling the world, and discovering all the amazing places planet earth has to offer. I share these activities with my better half and we share them on our couple’s Instagram account, @olympiaandinvictus” Frederico says.

    Whats a quote you live by?

    “I always say to everyone in my business, “Even salt looks like sugar.” “Do not get fooled by what you see, go by the actions people take.”

    Owning many successful businesses, what do you consider your greatest tactical advantage that makes you a successful individual in life?

    “One of the strengths that I can identify is the work ethic and time that is invested behind every project.”

    In closing, what would you tell an entrepreneur your age that wants to start a business?

    “Without a doubt to be smart with your money because it’s extremely hard to make, but very easy to spend.” 

    Article by: Chris Kostantewicz


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