3 Significant Ways Gaming Has Changed In The Last Decade

    Thinking about how gaming has changed over time reveals a lot about market trends and the future. In this article, we’ll talk about video games that changed the industry, plus look at why and how they did it. Szilvia Sultés is an online gaming expert from Hungary who can tell you more about this fascinating topic; view her author profile here

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    Mobile Gaming

    The use of smartphones has dramatically increased in recent years. This shift had a global impact on gambling and gaming. We’re currently observing and experiencing its effects and witnessing a diversification of many international markets. 

    Gaming is one such sector, and it’s taking an interesting turn. Naturally, there are positives and negatives to this rapid expansion. Overall, there are more titles available to play than ever and in a wider variety of categories. 

    The main advantage of mobile gaming is its accessibility. Before the boom of smartphones, video games were more or less confined to consoles and the PC. Companies started to develop mobile devices like the Gameboy Advance and PlayStation PSP, but it wasn’t every family that was willing to buy their kids expensive devices. 

    Smartphones allowed free apps to take over the mobile gaming market because of the massive consumer base that they can access. It has also eased the transition to cross-platform multiplayer gaming. Of course, the PC is still captain, but smartphones also offer many opportunities to play with your mates or strangers. 

    The history of online gaming is changing for good in the post-information age. Smartphones have become one of the most popular devices for playing because of their versatility and ease of use.

    Technological Advances

    It’s hard to say how technology has changed online gambling because it couldn’t exist without it. A better question is, how is it shaping this activity? 

    At its core, online gambling relies on high-speed internet and HTML5-capable devices to provide players with engaging online experiences. Flash player helps to give access to slots and other small features at online casinos, but it’ll soon be out of commission. 

    As long as operators are on top of their game, that won’t be a problem, as Adobe notified the internet that it would take away the product at the end of 2020. 

    The birth of new technologies, particularly virtual/augmented reality and AI-powered robots, has also shaped how we play video games. It’s changed the nature of gaming experiences. 

    VR and AR

    A vital part of what makes these technologies influential is the life-like environment and narrative they can create. The ability to simulate real-life situations in-game has changed the playing field. With the proper equipment, you can immerse yourself in a wholly virtual universe.  

    Before these technologies, games had narratives but not the same level of first-person participation. CEOs and directors of the largest gaming companies in the world are alive to the potential of VR and AR. They will continue to shape the gaming industry and how businesses develop new titles.  

    Check out the apps for Pokémon GO, Minecraft, and Clash of Clans on the App Store or Google Play Store. These are some of the most popular AR/VR games on the market. 

    Game Streaming

    Twitch and PlayStation are just two of a variety of streaming services that have gained popularity in the last decade. Many believe this is part of the future of gaming. The ability to watch games and play with friends at any time is becoming more enticing to gamers everywhere.

    It has influenced gaming culture too. Not necessarily in the past decade, but, overall, the way we access games has changed a lot over the years. The game store trip is practically obsolete, as is going to an arcade to hang out. Although some miss that part, most would agree that it’s better to have more games than you could ever imagine right at home. 

    Streaming also allows gamers and enthusiasts to discover new titles while socializing. This kind of event is common, especially with free cross-platform communication services. 

    Where To Next

    If so much can change in a decade, it’s clear that we can expect even more from gaming in the future. We can only imagine the new forms of technology that we might use five or ten years from now. Most agree that game streaming, VR/AR, and mobile gaming will play a role. 


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