Tips for Choosing a Career in Information Technology


    Data scientists, network managers, cloud security experts, you name it, the world of IT has a name for it, and it might just be the dream career for you. The IT sector is booming, with the increased need to manage cloud-based work environments for remote businesses, not to mention cybersecurity for those who work with sensitive data. 

    The selection of jobs is vast, and the demand is rapidly growing to make sure that every online business (which practically means every business) can take care of its IT essentials as well as potential growth. Plus, building your career in IT means that you can get your career back on track in the post-pandemic world. Knowing that, you should also understand that the competition in IT is fierce, making it difficult to qualify in a specific sector unless you’ve obtained the right certifications and experience. 

    To help you choose a career in IT that is both lucrative and a good match for you, we’ve singled out a few career options that are currently in demand and that you can consider for yourself. 

    Tech support specialists on the rise

    “Have you tried turning it on and off again” is, unfortunately, not the job description for this very popular IT position. What it does entail, however, is extensive knowledge regarding an array of different computer operating systems, but also a knack for hardware and software repairs. 

    Tech support experts might specialize in a narrow field, but they often take on multiple responsibilities to make sure that any company’s devices and digital tools are updated and working smoothly. They also often help other non-tech employees handle their tools and manage their security.

    Web developers are always needed

    Keep in mind that, just like with every other IT profession, web development includes so many different abilities and responsibilities that it cannot be summarized into a single job description. Working as a web developer, you can choose a specific direction for your career, be it in front-end development, back-end, or perhaps specialize in technical SEO and of course, testing.

    Depending on the section of web development you feel is most suitable for your personality and knowledge, you can expect to work with large teams and intricate projects that will help you evolve your career and expand your skills in the future.

    Every business needs a network administrator

    Companies today do their best to enable their teams to work in seamless, secure digital environments. To even think about the cloud as an option, a business needs a robust, reliable business network that keeps any intruders at bay and allows employees to work on multiple projects and tools at once. To work on such tasks, you need a diploma of information technology that focuses on network environments and administration.

    That means that you need a good understanding of agile methodology, cybersecurity threats and their prevention, as well as how best to manage intricate network environments. Managing a business network is no easy feat, but it’s a job that comes with wonderful growth opportunities and it’s ideal for anyone who loves to keep learning. 

    Cloud management in the spotlight

    Cloud system engineers have exceptionally versatile skills that enable any cloud-based environment to function properly and securely. With so many companies switching to remote work, cloud engineers are in demand to help companies set up their cloud systems, manage and optimize their applications for better performance, and of course, elevate security.

    Cloud system engineers also work closely together with other IT experts in the business, so as to create an all-encompassing IT infrastructure that is both functional and secure for employees as well as data. Even if a business only uses the cloud for storage, a cloud expert can be very useful for making the most of that environment. In addition to the fundamentals of cloud management, you need to be communicative, good at collaboration, and handle ongoing risk monitoring. 

    Security specialists in every industry

    Retail stores selling their products online have to make sure that their customers’ most sensitive and private data remains, well, private. Small, mom-and-pop shops selling their services or products online need to ensure the same. Large-scale enterprises have so many departments that depend on security that we cannot even list them all.

    Working in cybersecurity means that you need to know how security threats are changing and what your role precisely is in the company. There are various subcategories belonging to cybersecurity, of course, so you can continue obtaining proper training in your chosen sector to make sure you’re a viable candidate. However, you cannot afford to stagnate here, since new threats arise almost every day, and with tech innovations to keep track of, you’ll need to boost your abilities regularly. 

    Not even the most promising sectors such as IT come with any kind of guarantee that you’ll get a job merely because of growing demand. In fact, considering the level of responsibility that comes with all the listed jobs, we can expect employers to be even more vigilant in the future when choosing their candidates. You can certainly improve your chances by qualifying with the help of the right certifications and ongoing training, so be sure to keep up with industry trends no matter which position you’re after.


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