9 Ways to Get Your Career on Track in a Post-Pandemic World

    Reaching the top of the career ladder can be tricky at the best of times, but there’s no doubt that COVID-19 has thrown many people off course. Amidst unprecedented upheaval, unemployment rates in the U.S. soared due to the pandemic. Even those who were able to keep their jobs continue to face uncertainty as the pandemic appears to have altered the world of work forever.

    As companies begin to adjust to a ‘new normal’, however, now is the time to re-think your goals and get your career back on track. To find out how, take a look at these top tips now:

    1. Explore Your Options

    Businesses are operating in different ways due to the pandemic, which has opened up a raft of new opportunities and possibilities. With more options now available you to, it’s a good time to review the landscape and see what routes you could follow. 

    Perhaps you have always dreamed of working for a particular company but didn’t want to relocate overseas? With many firms making remote working permanent, geographical barriers may no longer prevent you from securing your dream job. 

    Similarly, a considerable number of companies are placing more emphasis on certain processes, such as supply chain management and disaster preparedness. As new sub-sectors emerge, a post-pandemic world could give rise to innovative new roles. 

    2. Set New Goals

    Setting goals is a good way to keep your career on track and ensure you stay motivated as you climb the corporate ladder. When external factors like COVID-19 affect your progress, however, it’s vital to re-assess your goals and make changes where necessary. 

    If your employer made staff redundant rather than offering rumored promotions, for example, you might have missed out on an opportunity to take on more responsibility. Alternatively, you may be looking for a new role if your employer was unable to retain their staff due to the economic impact of the pandemic. 

    Whether your personal circumstances have changed due to COVID-19 or not, the economic landscape certainly has. This means that everyone should be re-assessing their career objectives and refining their plans. The pandemic might have given you the push you need to change careers and do something you love, for example, or you may find new ways to navigate your chosen industry. 

    3. Be Adaptable

    Adaptability is a quality that’s often overlooked but, as we’ve seen in recent times, it’s extremely valuable. Someone who is adaptable is able to take on different responsibilities and modify their behavior in response to external factors. As an adaptable employee, you’ll embrace new concepts, respond to changes positively and solve problems. In addition to this, adaptable people tend to see opportunities where others see limitations. 

    For employers, adaptability is a coveted trait and something that can offer genuine value in any workplace. At a time when businesses are still going through periods of change, an adaptable workforce may be critical to their long-term success. By working on your own adaptability and letting this quality shine at work, you can increase your value in the eyes of your employers, motivate the people around you and maximize your success. 

    4. Increase Your Qualifications

    Having an advanced qualification has always been an excellent way to achieve professional success. In a post-pandemic world, however, candidates and employees with respected credentials are going to be even more in demand. Companies are looking for strong, knowledgeable leaders who can guide their business through challenging times, so formalizing your talents via advanced study can ensure you’re perfectly placed to secure upcoming leadership opportunities. 

    When you enroll on one of the best online MBA programs from an institution like Suffolk University, for example, you’ll have the chance to develop the business and leadership skills you need to succeed in a global marketplace. 

    Completing an MBA can certainly increase your employability and enable you to land top roles, but it can also boost your confidence. The skills you’ll learn and the contacts you’ll make will ensure you’re well-placed to reach the top of your profession, while a flexible online format will enable you to combine studying with full-time work.  

    5. Upgrade Your Home Office

    If you haven’t already overhauled your home office, it’s time to do so now. Your current role may involve working on site but if you’re applying for new jobs in the future, there’s a good chance that the interview will take place virtually. Furthermore, any future jobs you take on may involve working remotely, so having a functional home office already set up is advantageous. 

    Before you start thinking about what color to paint the walls or what office furniture to use, focus on the location of your office in proximity to other areas of your home. If you live with family or roommates, for example, you’ll want to try and situate your office as far as possible away from communal areas. Similarly, try and choose a workspace that offers privacy and minimal noise disturbances. 

    With a prime location identified, you can begin equipping your office with the essentials you’ll need, such as a high-speed internet connection, a desk, an office chair and good lighting. When you’re interviewing for new roles or working from home, your surroundings really do affect your performance, so take the time to create a professional workspace if you want to optimize your success. 


    6. Start a Side Hustle

    A side hustle can be a great way to increase your income, particularly if your hours have been cut or you’re out of work due to the pandemic. However, there are other benefits associated with launching your own side hustle. 

    A new venture gives you the opportunity to do something you enjoy and may even signal the start of a new career path. It’s a way of dipping your toes in the water without making major lifestyle changes, which means you can get a glimpse of what an alternative career path could hold. 

    Even if you choose to continue working in the same sector, a side hustle gives you the chance to develop your skillset and expand your capabilities. This will stand in you good stead when it comes to landing new jobs and securing promotions, as well as boosting your short-term income. 

    7. Keep Networking

    Networking is more important than ever in a post-pandemic environment. There have been major shifts in every industry due to COVID-19, which means your existing network might have changed significantly. If many of your peers are now in new roles, for example, this effectively extends your network and may create more opportunities for you in the future. 

    Unsurprisingly, the way people network has evolved since the start of the pandemic. Professional online networks remain popular but live, virtual events are now taking place too. As industry seminars, conferences and trade shows were unable to take place in real-world environments, savvy organizers created live, interactive events online instead. 

    As a result, you can network with people all over the world from behind your desk and make professional connections with industry leaders and high-profile individuals. What’s more – you can promote your own personal brand by getting involved in these events, hosting segments, giving talks and participating in Q and As. 

    8. Specialize in a Particular Area

    People often assume that having a generalized skillset is the best way to secure job opportunities. After all, if you can work for any company, the chances of getting a job must increase, right? Not quite. Choosing to specialize in a particular area can actually increase your employability, as companies will be eager to hire someone with your niche skillset. With fewer candidates to compete against, it can also be easier to build a profile within a specialty than it is within a more generalized area. 

    When you specialize in a specific area, you also get the chance to shape your career in a way that allows you to do what you enjoy most. A digital marketer who enjoys the scientific elements of the role might choose to specialize in analytics, for example, whereas a more creative marketer might decide to focus on graphic design or strategy. 

    9. Focus on What Matters

    COVID-19 has affected people in a myriad of different ways. As the vaccine rollout continues to gain speed and a semblance of normality returns, it’s easy to overlook the psychological impact that the pandemic has had on everyone. While you’ll be eager to get your career back on track, there’s no need to rush into major decisions or panic about the future. Instead, give yourself time to really think about what matters most to you and build your professional and personal life around it. 

    Planning for Success

    It can take months or years to achieve some professional goals, but breaking these objectives down into smaller targets will help to keep you motivated. Whether you’re aiming to reach the C-suite, launch your own business or invent the next best-selling product, planning for the future now will maximize your success and increase your fulfilment.


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