Tips for Buying Red Wine

    There are many health benefits of consuming red wine with meals that have been medically proven. Hence though there are different types of wines available, like white wine, sparkling wine, and champagne, red wine is the most popular category of wine in online and offline stores. There are a large number of companies worldwide producing different varieties of red wine, to cater to the requirement of customers with different tastes and budgets. Some of the factors which a person planning to buy red wine from iShopChangi should consider before making a decision are listed below.

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    Wine Type

    There are different types of red wine which are available like Cabernet sauvignon, port, Shiraz, Chianti, pinot noir. Port wine can be also classified further into tawny port, reserve port, ruby port. So the user should choose the right wine depending on whether he is going to consume it himself, with friends or families, or gift it to others. If he is planning to purchase the wine for himself or his family, he can choose the wine based on personal preferences. For gifting, he should try to find out the preferences of the recipient before choosing the red wine.


    In some cases, the person buying the wine has been invited to a party and is planning to take a red wine bottle as a gift for the host. In this case, he can purchase one or more bottles depending on the number of people attending the party or other event. Typically each wine bottle of popular brands contains 750 ml of wine, though there are a few wine bottles available with 1000 ml of wine or other sizes. It is advisable to check the quantity of wine for the bottle which is selected, before deciding the number of bottles which have to be ordered.

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    Age, Brand

    Usually, for each red wine available, the seller will specify the age of the wine. Typically older wines will be more expensive compared to recently produced wine. The popularity of the wine also depends on the country of origin and specific manufacturer. Red wines from France and Italy are usually considered the best by experts since they use the best materials, techniques. These wines are also the most expensive. Some wines are rare and these will also cost more. Those who have a limited budget can consider the other wines like port or Shiraz which are more reasonably priced, especially if they are produced outside Europe.

    Other factors

    One of the main factors which some buyers consider while purchasing red wine is the price. If the buyer likes to drink red wine, but cannot afford to pay more he should consider the cheaper wines available. He can also consider purchasing the wine in larger quantities like 6 or more bottles at a time since he will usually save a substantial amount of money due to bulk discounts. While some wine drinkers like to drink only one wine, others are interested in experimenting. So they can order the more popular wines to check their taste or check the newer wines available.

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