Tips For A Smooth Move

    When you move, you want everything to run as smoothly as possible. While there are unexpected issues that you have to handle as they come, there are tips you can use to ensure a smooth move. Using these tips will help you stay organized and reduce the chances of unexpected issues. 

    1. Get Rid Of Unnecessary Items

    If you look around your home and start to panic, thinking about having to pack everything, you need to get rid of some items. Getting rid of necessary items in your home and any excess will do the packing and unpacking more manageable. You will also start at your new home with a clean slate. 

    When getting rid of unnecessary items, you should work room by room. This will ensure you do not miss anything and that you are sure you have checked everything you own. If you have not used something in a year, you should get rid of it. This will include clothing and kitchen items. 

    1. Schedule Your Utilities Early

    Contact your utility providers whenever you finalize your moving dates. Scheduling services to your new home as soon as possible will reduce the wait time you have. You do not want to arrive at your new home to find that there is no water, heating or electricity. 

    You should also contact phone and internet providers once you have your moving dates. These services generally have a wait time for the connection. If you do not want to be without the internet, you need to book a technician visit as close to your moving dates as possible. 

    1. Have A First Night Box

    When you pack, you need to have a first night box. As the name suggests, this should have everything you need for the first night in your home. This box should be kept with you if the movers are not arriving at the same time as you. If the movers arrive on the same day, you should use a box that stands out from the others.

    The items in this box will include linen for the bed and towels. You also need to have your toiletries and clothing for the evening and next day. Cutlery and plates are also a good idea even if you are going to get some takeaway. Everything in the box will make your first night in your new home much easier to handle. 

    If you have children, you need to include items like their favourite stuffed toys. Something to keep them entertained on the first night is also a good idea. 

    1. Use The Right Boxes

    Getting the right boxes for your upcoming move is something that a lot of people overlook. Most people assume that one type of box will work for the entire house, but this is not the case. Heavy items should not be out into the same boxes as your clothing and linen. 

    Heavy items need to have smaller boxes to reduce the overall weight. Lighter items can be placed in larger boxes. If you have a lot of books, you should look at special book boxes. If you have clothing that should hang during transport, you can look at a special wardrobe box. Using the right boxes will make a move easier and ensure everything is safe during transit. 

    1. Be Creative With Padding

    Fragile items need to be wrapped to stop them from breaking during the move. While you can use bubble wrap, there are other creative methods of packing you can try. Instead of buying a lot of bubble wrap, you can use your clothing and towels instead. 

    Wrapping your glasses in a t-shirt can offer the protection they need during the move. This will also reduce the number of boxes you need because your clothing is used elsewhere. You can also use soft items to fill any gaps in-boxes. This will stop everything moving around and keep everything safe. 

    1. Have A Moving Folder

    When working with Movers and Packers in USA, you need to keep all the paperwork in one place. Having a moving folder will make it easier to access paperwork as it is needed. It will enable you to keep track of what still needs to be done. 

    In your folder, you should have a checklist for your move. This list should include everything you have to pack, all the companies you need to notify about the move, and any other services you need to employ. Once you have hired Movers and Packers, this information should be placed in the folder. Many people recommend a hard copy of the folder because the phone and computer batteries can die, leaving you without your list.

    There are many tips you need to use that make your move much smoother. Some of these tips you might already use when hiring a moving company in US, but others may cover something you have never considered before.


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