Customized Bottles the Exclusive Trend in the Wine Sector

    Who wouldn’t appreciate a gift created specifically for themselves? Precisely for this purpose, the trend of customized bottles is becoming more widespread in recent times, becoming the very latest fashion in terms of wine. Anyone who likes to receive original gifts, especially on special occasions. So, if you want to amaze a friend or a friend who is passionate about wine, the person of your heart or anyone else who can appreciate such a gift, our advice is to focus on a gift that will not disappoint.

    The customized bottles are able to combine two fundamental elements including the ability to satisfy the palate of wine connoisseurs and on the other hand to make an event unique that will be remembered forever. Different bottle customization options that can meet the most diverse needs.

    The wine also represents a combination of emotions, flavors and colors. With its ancient origins attested since the times, it is associated with different aspects of life, including nature, wisdom, goodness, desire and at times was also associated with religiosity. In short, the nectar of the gods boasts its long history and has inhabited every part of the world, from Egypt to Greece and then become one of the leading products of the Mediterranean.

    This is why one of the most loved and appreciated gifts is the one of a beautiful bottle of wine, especially customized bottles presented inside a wooden box that favors its conservation in optimal conditions to preserve all the values ​​and the final taste.

    On internet there are many researches about wine, about how it is appreciated as a gift. People from all around the world are absolutely convinced that this is one of the coolest gift ever. For Christmas, for birthdays or just when you are invited for dinner. Or for a special occasion. 

    In a 2005 survey, 88% of a representative sample of 600 wine buyers, interviewed by the Vienna University of Economics Advertising and Market Research Institute, told that wine is an ideal drink for celebrations and special occasions, clarifying and confirming the positive conception of this consumer product (ÖWM, 2006). 

    According to the mentioned study above, wine buyers regularly buy wine as a present (11% of all purchases). Austria in 2005, 74.6 million litres of wine with a value of 236 million (euro) was sold and wine buyers stated that 11% of the bottles purchased regularly serve as a present, it can be seen that this topic is of particular relevance. In the Austrian market alone approximately 24.7 millions of euro was spent on wines used as a gift. 

    About the consumer purchasing decision, it is influenced not only by “situation specific motivation factors” but also by many other marketing “pushes” and surrounding related factors, which influence consumer behavior every day. 

    The effect of these factors and the consumer perceptions of product attributes are influenced when a good is purchased to serve as a gift and depends on different situations, in which the personal involvement of the buyer can change. In fact, the relation to and social status of the recipient comes into account choosing this kind of gift. Other researches tell that wine is not only found in the category of low involvement gifts that are easy to buy but also in the high involvement category. Wine could be also something expensive, high quality and difficult to find. 

    This makes wine an ideal gift item with a small number of other universal presents. 

    In addition to many characteristics as price, product characteristics, product brand, country of origin, taste, packaging and quality, there are also motivation factors regarding involvement and perceived risks. Of course, a personalized bottle could astound your guest or friend, or fiancé. It could also be perfect to decorate tables during a wedding, with love pictures. Or, maybe, for a baptism or a bar mitzvah with personalized texts or photos or a dedication to the hosts. 

    Empirical studies have measured the impact of package appearance on consumer attention, categorization and evaluation during brand choice and marketers charge designers with the task of developing appealing wine packaging that communicates desired brand images and corporate identity, what would be better than something about you? 

    After all, wine should not be considered a game and a professional approach requires that all the necessary rules be observed to preserve it in its extraordinary qualities. If then you have the ability to associate the wines with the dishes then nobody can stop you and you will be true winners at the table.

    If you want to give someone something special, just stop thinking about it and give a precious and personalized gift to people you love. Socks, ties and boring gifts are over, make your friends and your family happier with personalized bottles of tasty wine. 

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