This Veteran Shares How Hew Networks in Order To Grow His Business

    Darwin Roman joins Cigar Room Confessions for the New Theory podcast as he shares how to network in order to expand your business.

    Networking almost sounds like an antiquated way to get your business going, especially with Social Media right at our finger tips.  However, nothing beats a firm handshake and in person discussion about your interests in order to develop and grow a relationship.   I’ve been following Roman for a while online (we went to the same high school) as nobody works harder than him.  In this podcast he shares how to effectively network and how to build long term relationships with the right group of people.  

    Take a listen to this Veteran who refuses to lose and works hard to make his dreams a reality:


    Roman is also hosting a Digital Marketing forum on April 10th in Rahway, NJ:

    Follow Roman Darwin Here:




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