Millennials take-over: photochromic adaptive lenses that block blue Light

    A Capital One research study has found that Canadian millennials have been experiencing a paradigm shift when it comes to how they spend their money. It should come at no surprise that those photochromic adaptive lenses that block blue light costs a fraction less than they used to, simply to keep up with the days of minimalism. The old adage goes that the grass is always greener at your neighbours’ home. Or that you need to keep up with the Joneses’ and their new luxury car.

    The Baby Boomer generation placed a great emphasis on their career and now their material wealth, splurging on a new Jaguar and Mercedez Benz whenever possible or that Prada eyewear to make the snow melt below your feet as you walk the streets. However, now there are brands that offer frames starting at a low $6, such as the Payne Glasses’ brand. They have great technology for working professionals, such as the photochromic adaptive lenses that block blue light so that you no longer need to squint when looking at your computer screen.

    It was found that millennials are more likely to purchase a home with a group of friends, and live in it with them, than to save up and purchase their own real estate investment. This shouldn’t come as a shock, as the act of togetherness with the incessant “girl squads” that are strewn all over social media and press releases (i.e. Taylor Swift’s infamous Girl Squad of high-profile celebrities ring a bell?), only makes these individuals feel more favorable about themselves. Millennials crave unique experiences, from living like a local in an Airbnb versus paying less at a hotel. They want to feel completely one with the culture they have now exposed themselves to, especially after a hefty price tag for the flight over there.

    The great majority of these consumers—at a whopping 70%–prefer to make purchases through digital apps. In fact, the other day the Starbucks near work wasn’t working and they only took cash or money from the Starbucks app. So perhaps companies that sell eyewear online should make sure that the word gets out on their photochromic adaptive lenses that block blue light. What do you think?


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