Want to Learn Programming? Take the Chance!

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    Want to learn programming? This requires high patience, but it is also one of the most satisfying jobs you can see. In addition, the market continues to demand workers who fulfill the profile of an Information Technology expert. Did you know that eight out of ten companies say they have a problem finding the profile of an Information Technology expert? Take a chance! If you are serious about programming, with this guide you can find your inspiration.

    The most desirable positions

    In the technology sector, the most desirable positions are programmer analysts and programmers; followed by consultants, system administrators and software architects. Also, did you know that 72% of job offers in the ICT sector offer unlimited contracts? Learn to program and get the benefits!

    Offshoring Programming:

    This allows a person to do his work from anywhere practically. You only need to have a laptop and access to the Internet. Working from home is one of the most widespread requests among workers. Petitions are asked by workers to reconcile their work with personal life. In addition, “teleworking” allow you to continue training because it allows you to learn from home or combine work with other educational activities.

    In this context, digital nomads were born. But what are they? Digital travelers are people who use the Internet to learn to program and do their jobs while traveling in various countries in the world. It doesn’t matter what your profession is or whether you are a freelancer or you work for a company remotely: if you need a computer and internet, you can. Digital nomads leave routine life and settle down, enjoying time and geographical flexibility. Amazing dream!

    Even though not all companies really like the way it works, this is a trend and will be more ordinary than we imagine today in the future. For example, Microsoft conducted a study that concluded that remote workers increased their productivity and felt happier.

    Dynamic environment:

    However, the field of information technology is developing very fast, giving motivation to every self taught programmer. The advent of technology careers requires constant recycling to be constantly updated with the latest advancements. The progress that can be applied to all sectors makes the programmer’s work very dynamic. There are various types of projects where programmers are the protagonists for their fantastic ideas.

    For example, to help all stoves being ignored, smart ovens have been developed. With NVIDIA’s brain, smart stoves can perform various tasks such as calculating and changing weight units to get excellent results in cooking; However, the most striking is the wide-angle camera at the top of the oven which allows seeing the state of cooking.

    Another fantastic idea, which on this occasion aims to contribute to the environment, is “The Plastic Tide”. This is a British organization that uses flight drone technology, detects, categorizes and eliminates concentrated waste in the sea. Drones used by Chinese DJI companies, which have been adapted to artificial intelligence, enable them to identify and classify waste.

    Flexible schedule:

    Programmers, rather than meeting schedules, must meet deadlines and deliveries. In addition, it is very common for programmers to handle problems that need to be resolved, either outside or within hours. This makes the company flexible with the schedule as long as the deadline is met. It seems that learning programming basics is pretty fun right? You can learn programming on many ways.

    This is desire:

    For many developers, coding is not just a career: this is desire. To give you an idea if you are going to learn programming, 48.3% of programmers also do it as a hobby; 5.9% contributed to open projects and 26.8% did both. In addition, there are many communities that join programmers where they share experiences, knowledge, and work together. Some of the most famous are Stack Overflow, GitHub and Bisquits, although each has a specific function.

    For example, on Stack Overflow users state their doubts and others respond; on the GitHub open source project, anyone can collaborate; and in Bisquits you can learn how to code, create, search, and save code in your own folder.


    Contrary to what many people think, a career as a programmer promises many benefits, not only in financial terms but also in social matters. Who says programmers don’t have a social world? Start learning to code!


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