Things To Do After a Semi-Truck Collision

    Red car collides with yellow vehicle

    According to the stats, truck accidents happen due to poor judgment. There are several causes of truck accidents. Things like poor visibility, bad weather, texting while driving, etc. can lead to accidents. It’s also important to understand what to do after a truck accident. On that note, here are things you should do after a truck-related accident.


    The first step should include assessing the conditions of your passengers. Establish whether everybody is okay. Remember, safety is important. Do everything to ensure that your safety is guaranteed.

    Call the Policies

    Call in law enforcers. Explain to the police the number of people involved. This will facilitate bringing in more ambulances in case there are multiple victims involved. Still more, the police will draft a police report—a crucial document when it comes to litigating car accident cases. It will show who was at fault—hence speed up the case.

    Seek Immediate Medical Attention

    Seek immediate medical help. Of course, you may not have the symptoms. However, certain internal injuries can be dangerous. Thus, seeking immediate medical attention is important. Choose a reputable hospital. Ask the doctor to run all the necessary tests. From MRI to CT scans—these tests will show the extent of your injuries.

    Evidence at The Accident Scene

    Gather all the possible evidence at the scene of the accident. Take photos. Take videos. Take photos from all angles. Take the contact details of the parties involved. Take notes from witnesses. Note the prevailing weather condition. If there a black spot, note it down. These factors can lead to accidents. Your lawyer can base his/her augment on these factors. Also, get the following information:

    • The name and address of the other driver
    • The policy number of the other driver
    • His/her license number
    • His/her employer’s details
    • The number plate of that driver

    Witnesses’ Contact Information

    You will need witnesses in court. So, document their details. Write down their names, address, and contact details. If possible, take photos and even videos. Record their statements. Contact your lawyer and pass him/her these details.

    Have Your Car Appraised

    In some cases, your car might look undamaged. However, internal or invisible damages can occur. That’s why you should have your car appraised. However, that doesn’t mean taking your car into any car repair shop. Remember, these damages must be included in your final claim. The repair shop must wait until the insurance company says okay.

    Know What to Say

    Don’t be overwhelmed by emotions. Remain calm. Whatever you say may be documented and used against you. So, be pleasant. Don’t get agitated. It will be counterproductive.

    Never Admit Liability

    Never admit liability. Leave it to the judge to decide who is liable for the accident.

    Other Don’ts  

    • No Social Media
    • Don’t talk about your case on social media

    The Bottom-Line

    Things to do with truck accidents can be annoying. Understanding what to do is extremely important. Hire the right truck accident lawyer. Remember, simple mistakes can cost you. The above are important things you should do after a truck accident.


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