Things to Consider Before Selling Your Car

    Modern-day cars last at least eight years and cover over 150,000 miles, but more efficient models can last up to twice as long and cover twice as much mileage.

    While it is fair to imagine that your car will last as long, a lot of things can happen within a year, much more over eight years’ time. A number of factors may lead you to think of selling your car, for reasons like moving closer to work, wanting extra cash, or simply desiring a newer model.

    There are many buy-and-sell car shops and car dealerships in Layton, Utah and other states, and there are many factors to consider before finally deciding to sell your old car. Here are some of them:

    Finances and bank loans

    Like most car owners, you probably got your car by applying for a car loan. You have to make sure that you have completely paid for your car. Most banks will not allow you to resell any property or possession that you have not yet fully paid for. So, if you are considering selling your financed car for whatever reason, you should make sure that you have completely paid for it and its sale is allowed.

    Repair costs

    If you are paying for hefty repair costs, and if the price of these inevitably increases yearly, then it is time to sell your car. If your warranty has long expired and you are paying for a car that barely even works anymore, then it is time to sell your car before it is too late.


    Car shops and car dealerships often offer a warranty for the first few years after purchase, or after the 100,000-kilometer mark. While it pays to use your car to its maximum capacity, keep in mind that the more mileage your car covers, the less potential buyers will be interested in buying it. After all, who wants a worn out car? If you are considering selling your car, make sure not to postpone it until it’s reached the point of full depreciation.


    While there may be car collectors who would pay a sum to buy rare models of cars, those instances are very rare. When selling your car, you have to consider checking if its manufacturer still produces the same model. If yes, then good. If not, that means that there will be less available spare parts in the market, which in turn leads to a lower, if not null, number of potential buyers. Nobody wants an outdated car model with no available spare parts.


    Car depreciation is one struggle that every car owner deals with. New cars depreciate as soon as you step on the gas and drive them home. In just a matter of years, it will lose more than half of its original market value. In other words, the longer you wait to sell your car, the less valuable it becomes, the less reliable it gets, and the less likely it will be that people want to purchase it.

    Knowing the things to consider before selling your car is just as important as knowing what is at stake if you choose to buy a new one.