Interesting Things You Most Likely Do Not Know About Martin Guitars

    Every single person that loves playing acoustic guitars knows about Martin guitars. They are renowned for the quality they offer. However, many things are not actually known and it is a shame since some are quite interesting. Check out some facts below about Martin guitars and you will surely end up loving them even more.

    Using Hide Glue In Martin Guitars

    Ever since the sixties, Martin used hide glue. Then, environmentally friendly options started to be used. Martin and guitarists believe that the use of hide glue automatically influences sound. Specialists also agree. Nowadays, guitar aficionados and luthiers believe hide glue creates a much stronger bond between guitar parts. This is because it will fuse with wood and become a part of it, making the entire instrument “one piece”. As this happens, guitar resonance is increased and overall sonic quality is also improved.

    Nowadays, Martin does offer authentic guitar series that still use hide glue, even if most of the instruments use regular instrument glues.

    Quarter Sawn Brings The Best Martin Guitar Sound

    Martin utilizes the special quarter sawn wood cutting technique as guitars are made. This will preserve wood tonal qualities, instrument stability is increased and grain is effectively utilized. At the same time, the instrument ends up looking much better.

    The big advantage of quarter sawn is that the wood will not contract and expand to levels that are guitar-breaking. Also, maintenance needs are automatically reduced. Guitars that use wood cut with the technique will not shrink and bow as much.

    When you look at most of the guitar making companies out there, you notice that not many use the technique. This is because of the high costs associated with using it.

    Thin Gloss Finish

    Most of the guitars you buy in shops have a finish or a lacquer on them. It is needed to protect guitars from scratches, dings and the elements. As you look at Martin guitars you can easily notice that the instruments look worn. That is because of the fact that Martin utilizes a lower quantity of finish. The thinner gloss is used in order to guarantee guitar tone as the best possible. When lacquer is thin, tonal transfer is better.

    When guitars are heavier due to more lacquer being used, sound becomes dull or reverberation is quickly lost. The Martin guitar just uses enough to give protection but tone is not lost.

    Wood Is Responsibly Sourced

    The last thing that should be mentioned is that Martin is a guitar manufacturer that is actively interested in protecting the environment. Because of this, wood is responsibly sourced. You might want to know that Martin stands out as one of the very first companies around the world that makes sure all wood is CITES Certified.

    At the same time, wood wastage is reduced as alternative woods and imperfect woods are utilized to create other musical instruments. When the wood is labeled as a loss, they are sometimes turned into HPL or are used for the Stratabond necks since they are highly compressed wood layer pieces placed one on top of the other.


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