@TheHandyJ Building a Business on D*ck Pics and F*ckBoys

    New Theory Podcasts Talks D*ck Pics with @TheHandyJ

    At New Theory we love Entrepreneurs. What makes Entrepreneurs great is that they come in many different shapes and sizes, just like the 20 d*ck pics @TheHandyJ receives a day.

    We had the dubious pleasure of chatting with Instagram’s rising stars and content curator @TheHandyJ. She impressed me as she treats it as a hobby as she’s making money doing what she loves.  She is approaching 800,000 Instagram followers and garners over 30,000 views per snap.  She is creating an nice niche for herself as she curates hilarious content that is not safe for work, but nevertheless profitable.

    Although not her full time gig, New Theory estimates that she can pull down six figures just by posting  a few sponsored pics or videos a day.  She is educated as she holds a Master from Miami and will even charge you $69.99 to evaluate your “member”.

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    Check out her epic interview:

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    • Tom La Vecchia

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