The use of linear applications in the medical sector

    Today, linear applications are indispensable in the medical industry. They can be found in diagnostic scanners and surgical wire production machines. In the medical sector, very specific requirements are placed on the applications used. Hygiene, precision, dust and water resistance are just a few examples. These medical applications include treatment tables, X-ray equipment, MRI devices, CT scanners and dental chairs.


    Precise positioning is essential for medical equipment. Linear applications help guide the movements of medical equipment with the utmost precision. For example, the guide rail is ideal for directing heavy equipment from point A to point B.


    No matter how simple or complex the linear motion application, all systems have one thing in common at the most basic level. It involves moving an object or carrying out a load over a linear distance, within a specified period of time, using a linear guidance system and a linear drive to control movements whose variables and complexity vary.


    In other words, any movement in a straight line is linear movement. Eltrex answers all your questions regarding linear drives, simple or complex. Our product specialists help you quickly convert your concept into the best possible solution, from the design phase to the final product, including prototyping and testing.


    In other words, linear applications in the medical sector enable medical staff to work with equipment featuring high-level precision and positioning. A great help in medical tasks such as surgical equipment handling, blood sample handling, drug packaging, among others.


    At Chambrelan we offer a wide range of linear guide rails and slides, which can be adapted and used when designing your medical equipment.


    Different types of linear rails are available, including high-load linear rails, ball or roller guides, seals, rotary or compact linear bearings. We provide you with quality equipment, built to last over the long term.

    Precision products

    Rails are extremely small linear guide rails. This guide rail offers a unique four-point, two-row contact structure and small-scale technology for the manufacture of very compact products. Despite the guideway’s small size, this ensures stable precision and rigidity. It can withstand a wide range of loads, whatever their direction or size. It also ensures stability in applications where the load is variable, such as wind turbine blades, or complex and difficult to manage for conventional materials.

    Add value


    Whether you’re creating motion using a simple actuator setup or a more advanced system, you get smooth, quiet motion while still having a compact design. However, user comfort can be improved. A company that designs high-quality slides and rails for the medical sector. This equipment is designed to be reliable and efficient, to support medical teams when handling equipment. Here are some additional examples of how linear applications are used in the medical sector:

    • Medical devices:

    Linear algebra is used to design and develop medical devices, such as pacemakers and artificial joints.

    • Clinical trials:

    Linear algebra is used to design and analyze clinical trials, which are used to test the safety and efficacy of new drugs and treatments.

    • Health insurance:

    Linear algebra is used to develop and implement health insurance plans.

    • Medical research: 

    Linear algebra is used to conduct medical research on a wide range of topics, such as the development of new drugs and treatments, the causes and prevention of diseases, and the improvement of healthcare systems.

    • Linear applications are a powerful tool that can be used to improve the quality of healthcare for everyone.

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