The Ultimate Guide to Buying Smooth Ballroom Shoes

    Are you trying to find a new pair of ballroom dance shoes? Ballroom shoes are vital for helping you match your confidence and providing a flexible sole to support your motions. Still, you will only experience these advantages if you buy the proper pair.

    If not, the incorrect pair might bring you crashing back to reality. Therefore, you must be aware of the qualities to seek while purchasing smooth ballroom shoes. This guide gives you the important qualities to look out for and the benefits of having the correct pair.

    How to Choose the Perfect Ballroom Shoe 

    How do you choose the perfect dancing shoe? Here are a few important characteristics to watch out for.

    1. Open Toe Vs. Closed Toe

    The decision between an open and closed toe solely depends on personal preference.

    Open-toed shoes are frequently ideal for energetic, forceful Latin ballroom dances. Since rapid movements are necessary for Latin dances, the open-toed form provides more flexibility to support them.

    On the other hand, dancers use closed-toe footwear for formal ballroom dancing. Because of their increased stiffness and support, you can move over the dance floor with controlled, precise motions.

    1. Heels

    The range of heel heights is 0.5 to 3. In ballroom dancing, females often want a 2.5″ heel while guys prefer a 1″. Beginner dancers should select a heel height that is most comfortable for them. There are several heel styles, including slender and flared heels.

    1. Maintenance

    Due to their fragile materials and how dancers utilize them, ballroom dancing shoes are not designed to survive for an extended period. Dancers frequently store their shoes in the box they arrived in or under similar circumstances, out of the way of extreme temperatures and most definitely out of the way of bad weather.

    Depending on how often you dance, it is advised that you have two or more pairs of shoes to alternate between dancing sessions to prolong the life of the smooth shoes. Having gained knowledge of factors to consider when purchasing smooth ballroom shoes, continue reading to learn more about the benefits of having a pair.

    Advantages of Soft Ballroom Shoes

    • Assist With Technique

    Ballroom dancing will be demanding if you wear your everyday shoes. Typically, the outsole of these shoes is substantial and rigid, which causes them to become stuck to the ground. Suede soles facilitate smoother movement and are mainly found on dance shoes. You can move and turn more efficiently since they do not stick to the floor.

    • They Provide More Comfort

    Your feet will hurt after your dance class if you wear conventional shoes. Professional ballroom dancing shoes are far more comfortable.

    Usually, they feature additional cushioning to protect your feet as you dance. They are also made to cushion the shock your feet experience as you dance. This can provide significantly greater foot protection.

    • Safety

    Dancing requires a lot of energy, and you risk getting hurt if you’re not wearing the correct shoes. A twisted ankle might result from one careless step. Dancing is safer for you if you are wearing the right dance shoes. The danger of injury is reduced thanks to these shoes’ excellent ankle and foot support.

    Wearing the right ballroom dancing shoes is essential if you want to be supported, at ease, and quick on your feet. Finding the perfect pair of smooth shoes might take some time, but it’s worth it once you find what fits you best.

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