The Pros And Cons Of Living In Raleigh

    Raleigh in North Carolina is a beautiful city and one of the best places in the US to experience Southern hospitality. It is renowned for its Research Triangle Park (RTP), and it is also one of the fastest-growing markets in the US.

    Alongside the job market, you also get access to fantastic food, top universities, and charming neighborhoods. The atmosphere in Raleigh is cozy and family-friendly. After all, there is a reason why it’s currently considered one of the best places to live the southeast.

    This part of North Carolina is also known as the City of Oaks, as Raleigh is full of oak trees that line the streets in the city center and almost every neighborhood. However, Raleigh has both positive and negative aspects like every other city in the U.S.

    Below are listed the main pros and cons of living in the Raleigh-Durham area.

    The Job Market

    Raleigh, NC, features a thriving job market that is constantly growing. The unemployment rate here is much lower than the national average, and the city offers several job opportunities for its residents, allowing them the freedom to pursue their passion.

    In 2017, Raleigh was named the third best city for people looking for work. Hence, most people move into the city in search of better employment opportunities. The Research Triangle Park (RTP), located in the city, is the oldest research park in the country. This popular complex houses over 200 companies and offers employment to more than 50,000 people specializing in pharmaceuticals, environmental sciences, and biotechnology. RTP is situated just 10 miles from Durham and 14 miles from Chapel Hill. If you live in Raleigh, you will be traveling 20 miles to reach this area.

    Safety First

    North Carolina is home to some of the safest cities in the US, and Raleigh ranks No. 9 on the list of places with low crime rates and financial insecurity, according to WalletHub. Raleigh was found to be among the best cities for financial security — a category that analyzed factors like unemployment, poverty, and foreclosure rates.

    Raleigh has a strong police force and firefighters who are well trained to keep things nominally safe when it comes to crime rates. The residents are kind here, and the small number of exceptions to good people are dealt with quickly, offered help for mental problems, and incarcerated if needed.


    When in need of legal services, you will have access to many essential services like legal assistance, and even for more complex cases that might require a defense attorney, you’ll be able to find a Raleigh criminal lawyer easily enough.


    Not Beachside

    A lot of people move to Raleigh thinking it’s close to the beach when in reality, it is not the case. The city is centrally located, and reaching a beach is often a challenge. It will take you about two hours to drive to get to the Atlantic Ocean when there is light traffic. But during peak summer, know that you will be on the road for more than two hours to get to the destination.


    Similarly, you will again have to travel for nearly two hours to indulge in activities like skiing and snowboarding in the mountains in winter. While there are plenty of activities you could pursue in Raleigh, you will often need to take a day trip to do that.



    Raleigh is a walkable city. You can’t get to places on your feet or use the transport system because the city doesn’t have one. Most residents have a car and use it primarily throughout the day to get from one place to another. There isn’t much when it comes to public transportation options.


    Now, you will be able to get occasional bus rides and cabs. However, it can be hard to get to places leveraging these options due to their availability. The cab fares can also be quite expensive. So, if you don’t have a car and don’t plan to get one, Raleigh might not be the city for you. But if you have a car, there is nothing to worry about.


    Should You Call Raleigh Home?

    Raleigh in North Carolina is one of the best cities to call home right now. If you are looking to relocate to the city, there is no better time than now. This is particularly true if you work in the biotech and technologies industries. Even if not, it is still worth a place to live in.

    Friendly people will surround you, the housing tends to be cheaper, you will have access to world-class, affordable healthcare, and oak trees are everywhere. Where else would you be able to find that?

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