The Magic of Muslin Comfort Blankets

    The seasonal changes that we experience every 3 months or so mean that we have to quickly adjust and adapt to weather changes which include our clothes, footwear, and headgear. At the same time, we need to keep our homes at the optimum temperature to keep as safe and healthy. For example, it is important to be warm inside our homes during winter and to be able to cool off during the hot summer nights. With the help of heaters and air conditioning, keeping our family warm and cool when needed is easier to do than ever before. We usually relied on heated blankets, comforters, and even thermal suits during the coldest winter while summer would signal beach wear and air conditioning. Our choice of bedding and curtains can also be influenced by the season that we are in but aside from the short summer period, we really need to stay warm from fall to spring. Would it be great to find a blanket that will be able to keep you warm during the colder nights and keep you cool and refreshed on hotter nights? With the muslin comfort blankets, you will be able to achieve this and have much more. The blankets have been described as magical in the sense that if two people sleep under it, they would feel comfortable and relaxed even if they have different body temperatures. Yes, it can make one feel warm if they are a bit cold and the other can feel fresh and cool if their body temperature is higher. The secret lies in the unique mesh design of the blanket, it can trap body heat but it is also breathable in that it can let air come through each fiber which makes it an all-year-round blanket. Once you experience the comfort that the blanket gives, you might not want to use anything else after it.

    Where to buy muslin comfort blankets?

    The online market has made it possible for every person to have access to a wide array of products and these include the muslin comfort blankets. Some people had discovered great deals and unique products that they can have right in their homes just by clicking on a website and having it delivered to them in a few days. It beats having to go to the store to look for an item that you need especially if choices are limited. Moreover, you get better deals and discounts when you buy from the online shop. For example, the muslin comfort blankets have a 30-day free trial deal, you can try the blanket for 30 days and if you are not satisfied with it, then you can return it for free. Although nobody has ever returned the blankets after a month, it is still a great deal if you are not sure about the product but would want to experience it firsthand. You can choose the size and color of the blanket that you want, and you need to base it on your existing color scheme or design and size of your bed, but being a blanket, you can go as big as you want and it would still be great. If you do live alone, the smaller sizes would be a great fit too. The blankets are in adult sizes so if you want to use them for your children, then you might want the smallest one. The colors range from white to beige in the neutral line and solid colors like blue and red if you prefer the more vibrant colors. You can use the blankets as a bed cover so you can choose a color that will complement your bedding and room décor. Also, you have to know that the store will accept returns if there are any product defects and they even do it for free only if you are in the US, although if outside the US you can still send it for returns but you have to pay for the shipping. Input your order and delivery address, pay for it and you just need a few days for it to be delivered. You will be able to enjoy your blanket in no time, and once you do, you will be amazed at how magical it is.

    How to clean muslin comfort blankets

    Since you will be enjoying your muslin comfort blankets all the time, you must realize that it also needs to be cleaned regularly so that they will last for a long time and you get to use them more. The blankets need to be washed at least every 2 weeks if you use them alone, but a good rule of thumb would be to wash them every week. Washing the blankets can be done easily using your home washing machine on a cold and gentle wash. You might be tempted to use the stronger settings but it can damage the mesh fibers in the blanket, the gentle cycle will be sufficient. Then just use a mild detergent to wash it, do not use bleach and fabric conditioners as they can break down the cotton fibers in the long run. Make sure to tumble dry the blankets after and to hang them under direct sunlight. Cotton loves the heat of the sun; it also has antibacterial and antiviral effects. If you are not going to use the blanket after washing and drying, then you can fold it neatly and store it in your cabinets, make sure to smooth out all the creases before you put it into storage. You can put potpourris in the cabinets to make it smell good. The blankets are already preshrunk and can fit generously in your bed as a top cover thus eliminating the difficulty of getting into the covers. On a cold and toasty evening, snuggling into your bed and blanket will be the best feeling there is. Even on the warm nights of summer, you can still sleep comfortably with your blanket, because it is not too cold or too hot, just right as Goldilocks would say. Even with the price tag, getting a muslin comfort blanket is a good investment.

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