The Inside Dishh on ‘It’ Man: Jonathan Cheban


    jonathan_cheban_insider_MagazineJonathan Cheban may be most well-known for his friendship with reigning queen of reality TV Kim Kardashian, gaining notoriety after his appearances on TV shows like Keeping Up with the Kardashians and its various spin offs. But this 41-year-old entrepreneur is no stranger to the art of self-promotion. In fact, as the founder and CEO of the wildly popular website The Dishh, and a myriad of other successful businesses (like Miami-based Sushi Mikasa and Long Island’s Burger Bandit), Jonathan Cheban might just be the shining star of the whole bunch.

    The Inside Dishh on “It” Man: Jonathan Cheban

    Born and raised in Bergen County, NJ, Cheban attended Fort Lee High School and graduated with a degree in communications from Hofstra University. Growing up a stone’s throw from Manhattan, it’s perhaps not surprising that during his high school days he took advantage of New York City’s infamous nightlife and found a deep affinity for the glamorous world of PR, modeling, and entertainment. After graduating college, he accepted a job as a publicist for NYC buzz-maker and A-list party planner Peggy Siegal. One P. Diddy Hampton’s party later, Jonathan’s entrepreneurial thirst skyrocketed his career and this budding businessman founded CommandPR. His professional plate filled exponentially and his success soared—Jonathan reached new heights with the launches of clothing and accessories lines Kritik and RichRocks. He even took a turn at his own reality show in 2010 with E!’s The Spin Crowd.

    One might think all of his high-profile work, elbow rubbing with the A-list and media attention galore, would leave you with a rather egotistical man. Quite the contrary! As we sat for our interview, his cool, calm and down-to-earth demeanor was a welcome surprise. His engaging storytelling, contagious laugh, and firmly planted feet were unexpected and made this entrepreneurial dynamo even more intriguing to speak with. A self-proclaimed “mall junkie” [see interview below] Jonathan Cheban is, simply put, one of us! Although fame has taken away his anonymity in a sense, his unique and somewhat hilarious outlook on how he spends his time makes you want to befriend him (and hope that he “friends” you back).

    Cheban remains a steady fixture within the sought-after Kardashian franchise, going along for the ride through the ever-growing list of cities that get “taken” by the in-demand reality “klan.” All the while quietly building his own lasting brand and helping to shape the new generations of like-minded folks who are willing to work it to earn it.

    Though NYC-based, Jonathan continues to bounce around the globe with an “energizer bunny” quality–he keeps going and going, marching to the beat of his own drum.

    Want to know what Jonathan’s biggest secret is
    (even bestie Kim Kardashian doesn’t know this one!)

    …continue reading our EXCLUSIVE interview with Jonathan Cheban by clicking HERE to access New Theory Magazine Fall/Winter 2015 magazine.


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