The Hair Brush Guide for Every Type of Hair

    Your hair has a magical way of making or breaking your overall appearance. Well-kept hair can make a person who would otherwise be called unkempt look like a runway model. Hair thats not properly cared-for, on the other hand, tends to be associated with poor hygiene and an overall tacky look. So, it makes sense to take care of your hairand that means investing in the right tools for the job.

    When it comes to styling tools, your hairbrush has a lot of unsung value. Its a tool that allows you to straighten hair, add shine, and even add a certain shape to it. Not all hairbrushes are equal, especially when it comes to hair types.

    If you want to get the best hairbrush for your type, then you will need to be selective. Some brushes like Michel Mercier by Kampalook, A beauty tech company makes brushes  that are specially designed for each hair type and hair thickness.

    Sadly, most hairbrush companies arent exactly like Kampalook and wont formulate a brush specifically for your hair style. Here are the best brushes for each hair type.

    • Fine Hair. With fine hair, thinner bristles are a great choice simply. People who have thin hair will should get bristles that thin, simply because they tend to be gentler on hair and less likely to pull stray strands out. Boar bristles, for example, tend to work well for delivering shine and control.
    • Curly Hair. Curly hair tends to do well with mixed-material brushes. Curls need to have the delicate bristles of boar hair (or a similar material) to deliver shine, but nylon bristles tend to help detangle hair.
    • Medium Hair. Straight nylon bristles of a variety of different sizes tend to be the best pick here. This is because it makes detangling a cinch. Finer bristles tend to gloss over knots if your hair is too thick.
    • Thick Hair. Thick hair is very prone to tangling, especially if it’s natural. A wide-toothed brush with metal bristles are usually the best options for people who have thicker, more unruly hair. Paddle brushes are also pretty good for this type of hair, simply because they tend to be gentle detanglers.
    • Ethnic Hair. If you have ethnic hair, you already know that you’re going to need brushes that are strong enough to handle very unruly hair. In this case, wide-bristled metal brushes work well. Oddly enough, so do boar bristle brushes.

    Honestly, it takes a lot of time and effort to sift through all the little brushes in a hair supply aisle, which is why it makes more sense to just get a Michel Mercier by Kampalook for your hair. Even so, the search for a good brush for your hair can be very rewarding once you see the shine and silkiness it imparts on your hair.

    Check out Michel Mercier Brushes By Kampalook video:

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