How To Get Your GOT Fix Before The Exciting New Season Hits

    Recent updates have revealed that the Game of Thrones premiere is set for April of 2019, which will feel like eons to many fans waiting to see what the characters are up to and what twists are just around the corner. If you are itching for the upcoming release, try doing these activities to get your Game of Thrones fix for the next few months.

    Go For A LARP In The Park!

    In case you’ve never heard of it, the term LARP means live-action roleplaying game — people dress up in costumes and act out scenarios of fantastical worlds rife with swordfights, magic and palace intrigue. If you want to lend a little bit of realism to your larping session, you can find spots that looklike settings on the show. Fans who want to bring their game to the next level should go to the website to find recommendations for sites that perfectly match the show’s terrific backdrops — the tall trees of Yoho National Park will capture the look of Craster’s Keep and the pristine waters of Banff mirror the beauty of Dorne. Gather your closest friendsand prepare for a road trip to recreate your favourite scenes in the series.

    DIY Some GOT Fashion!

    With creativity and dedication, it’s possible to transform into one of your favourite characters from the show. If you love Daenerys Stormborn, you can use rough fabrics to recreate her costume from the days that she was Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea. Remember that this outfit is incomplete without a pair of leather riding gloves and the famous Daenerys waterfall braids — anyone who doesn’t have natural icy blonde tresses should skip the box of dye and try the intricate hairdo on a wig. If you prefer the characters that guard the Wall in the North, you should put together your own uniform. You don’t have to purchase any expensive furs and fabrics because you can easily make your own Game of Thrones cape from a sheared black rug and sets of leather straps — this is the exact technique that the show’s costume designers used to make the accessories for the Night’s Watch.

    Host A Friendly Feast!

    In the spirit of the show’s magnificent feasts, invite your friends over for a Game of Thrones party to debate fan theories and indulge in themed treats like deviled dragon’s eggs and delicious honey shortbread cookies shaped into the many house sigils of Westeros. For a large-scale cocktail party, ask for your guests to get inspired and come to your house in full-costume. For a small gathering, think about hosting a series marathon where you pile up on the couch and re-watch your top episodes.  

    Fans have been waiting with bated breath for the eighth season to arrive, and they will have to hold on for just a little longer. These three suggestions are great ways that you can still get your GOT fix so that the special date doesn’t feel so far away.


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