The Green Boom Is Happening. Here’s What A Cannabis Tester Has To Say About It.

    There is a cannabis revolution going on in the United States right now, and its one that many cannabis users never thought would happen. For the first time in almost 100 years, marijuana is becoming accepted by the masses. Moreover, its also becoming a legally recognized health treatment for a wide variety of different illnesses.

    State after state has made the court decision to approve cannabis use for medical purposes, with several states even going so far as to decriminalize recreational use as well. However, with every sweeping move to decriminalize and legalize, there seems to be another stumbling block placed in the way of those who would want to use it.

    Most people are already aware that most states that accept the use of medical marijuana require a prescription card from a specially licensed doctor. What many people dont realize is that the requirements for legal green go both ways; cannabis companies have to undergo testing and approval to market their goods legally, too.

    When it comes to farming cannabis, the requirements are stricter than most would imagine. Along with licensure and state inspections, cannabis companies have to send their herbal goods to laboratories for testing. Every cannabis business also has to undergo a large amount of strict licensing regulations and inspections to confirm the legality of their business with the state.

    One of the newer industries within the cannabis industry focuses on helping companies work with cannabis in a legal manner. This sub-genre of the cannabis industry regularly helps companies overcome legal paperwork, get their cannabis plants tested to satisfactory levels, and also helps advocate for the continued support of cannabis legalization throughout the United States.

    The vast majority of states that legalized cannabis require it to be tested before its sold to patients or recreational users. Thats where our most recent podcast guest came into play, and why we decided to introduce him on the show.

    Digipath Labs has been working in Nevada and uses FDA compliant instrumentation at its cannabis testing center. Using state-of-the-art equipment, the firm has tested over 15,000 different cannabis samples from the states top farms and producers. In many ways, Digipath and other testing facilities like it are the final gatekeepers for cannabis entrepreneurs.

    With every test, Digipath reveals the quantities of THC and CBD in the plant chosen. They also reveal the amount of pesticides, bacteria, heavy metals, and microbial contaminants that are found in the plant. Plants that have excessive contaminants and impurities are barred from being sold to the public.

    Digipaths role in the cannabis world is one that is fraught with political turmoil, social pressures, and of course, the regular ups and downs that come with being a blossoming industry. Love it or hate it, they are here to stayand not many cannabis businesses have a front seat view to the industrys birth like Digitpath does.

    On our podcast today, we have Todd Denkin, Digipaths very own CEO. As the labs CEO, Todd has spent a total of three years watching the budding industry grow into a serious force that has changed the face of many states throughout the Union.

    If youve ever wondered what life is like when youre one of the biggest players in the cannabis boom, wonder no more. Todd is here to help you learn about the green boom. In this episode, Todd Denkins going to give us his insider view on where the green boom is going, the struggles marijuana-based companies face, as well as an interesting look at what life is like in the cannabis industry.

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