The Easiest Way To Sell You Old Gift Cards

    There’s nothing worse than getting a gift card to a place you either don’t like or don’t have anywhere near you as a gift for some special occasion. If you’re not going to or simply can’t use them, they’re pretty much a waste of money and useless to you. Luckily there are sites that enable you to check your gift card balance (in case they’re old) and then sell them to other people who actually do want to use them.

    GiftCash is a company that will buy your gift cards from you in exchange for cash.  There’s a list of gift cards that can be sold on GiftCash, and those range in anything from Air Canada to McDonald’s to checking out your second cup gift card balance.

    All you have to do is enter your cards information (where it’s from and the gift cards number), accept the offer that GiftCash provides for you, and receive the cash by post, Interac, or Paypal.

    GiftCash was founded in 2017 with the purpose of allowing you to get rid of your unwanted gifts and receive cash in exchange. The company will provide you with easy shipping methods including a ready-to-print shipping label that’s free of charge. GiftCash can receive the gift cards in the mail from any territory. The gift cards that are physically mailed to them are typically delivered in 2-5 days. Once they’re received, you’ll be paid with whichever method you choose within 1 business day. If you’re selling an eGift card or voucher, the delivery is instant and you’ll be paid within 1 business day of that transaction.

    Customers absolutely love the process at GiftCash and are finding it to be an easy way to get rid of old gifts they don’t want and get cash fast. Below are some of the many testimonials on Gift Cash.

    “My boss gives me gift cards bonuses once in a while and I use GiftCash to make the best out of those bonuses.”

    -Sarah M. – Businesswoman

    “My friend told me about this site and I had to give it a try. It was an easy process to sell an old gift card I didn’t need. Received an email transfer in 3 days!”

    -Kayla M. – Mom

    “Sometimes I overestimate the amount of materials I need for a project or renovation. It’s great to know I finally have a place where I can sell some of my store credit afterwards. Received an email transfer payment in 3 days!”

    -Adam S. – Contractor

    “For Christmas and my birthday year after year I get gift cards from friends and family. Some go to good use, but unfortunately some sit and collect dust. Thank you for the A+++ service to turn those dust collectors into cash!”

    – David C.- University Student

    Being forced to buy something with the gift card you’re given is a thing of the passed. Now you can exchange that piece of plastic for something you actually want… cash! Sometimes cash is simply the best gift you can get. The GiftCash app is coming soon, so stay tuned for an even easier experience in selling your old gift cards.


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