The Dreampad Pillow Product Review

    New Theory test drives the Dreampad Pillow

    The Dreampad pillow is meant to help people who have a hard time falling asleep. Perfect for the ones who benefit from sound therapy but is considerate to those who do not. It is well known that sound machines are used to help people fall asleep, there are even tv channels,  iPod music and smartphone apps that play the part. The biggest problem with these sound machines is that they are not private and can be heard by everyone in the room. The Dreampad pillow is the solution to this problem. It integrates sound into the pillow itself providing a listening experience for the user only. You will not longer have to worry about your partner waking up to any sort of noise in the room. The Dreampad pillow is also marketed as a very helpful tool for children who have problems going to sleep which can be a frustrating thing for parents and can keep them up as well and not get a good night of sleep. OH a very awesome WHY you should get the pillow you can listen to any music, podcast, movie, book you have on your phone by just connecting the pillows Bluetooth capability to your phone!

    I love this pillow; it has helped me a lot before I go to sleep and now I wake up feeling much better and not tired. I followed instructions and downloaded the app on my iPhone. Tried it the first night I felt like I was on vacation relaxing by the beach. I felt so relaxed and in peace, next thing I know I waked up the next day and didn’t even notice when I fell asleep! Before I would roll all over the bed and go to bed so late it was frustrating. I continue to use Dreampad pillow every night and plan to buy some for my mother and sister.

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    How the Dreampad Pillow Rates:

    • Usefulness: 10/10: If you like to fall asleep while listening to music, the Dreampad pillow is a good way to play sounds without disturbing the people around you.
    • Value: 8/10: At $149, the Dreampad is on the high end for both pillows and travel speakers.
    • Portability: 9/10: The Slim Support pillow is very thin, so it’s better for travel than a regular-sized pillow, but it may not be comfortable for you if you prefer a fluffier option. Note that you can pair it with a regular pillow for more comfort.
    • Durability: 10/10: The foam pillow and embedded speaker seem very durable, especially if you protect them with a pillowcase.
    • Cool Factor: 10/10: Being able to quietly listen to music and not disturb others is pretty neat.

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