The HoneyMooners at The PaperMill Playhouse is a Must See

    Most Millennials and Gen Z will not remember the Honeymooners which initially ran in the 1950s. I remember catching reruns 11 p.m. during the 80s growing up as a kid and was always fascinated with the storyline. It originally ran on CBS for 39 episodes (always thought they did more). While you probably have not heard of the Honeymooners, they were the inspiration for the classic cartoon series The Flintstones and the relationship set a pattern for shows like “The King Of Queens.”

    The world premiere runs from Septemeber 28 through October 29th at the Papermill Playhouse in Millburn, NJ. It depicts Ralph Kramden (played by Michael McGrath) and his wife Alice (Leslie Kritzer) who live in a small Brooklyn apartment trying to get ahead in the world, namely out of the neighborhood. There good friends Ed Norton (Michael Mastro) and Trixie (Laura Bell Bundy) as the two couples spend almost every waking moment together. It’s a musical, but it also doubles back as a comedy. Any age would appreciate the humor
    and even get a glimpse of a much more conservative period in American history.
    We enjoyed the show tremendously as this might be a great show to bring your mother or grandmother as they will remember this sitcom and you’ll get exposed to the entertainment previous generations revered when they were growing up.

    So if you’re looking to go to the moon, The Honeymooners is the right play for you.

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