The Coolest Summer Sports You Didn’t Know Existed

    Laying on the beach working on your tan all day is awesome, but even that gets a little boring after a while.

    Forget the club or happy hour and venture off to partake in some insanely cool activities that will have you asking yourself how you’ve ever made it through summer without doing this before!

    Don’t let location stop you. Whether you’re city bound, hanging in your back yard, climbing mountains or taking to the beach, these sports will have you feeling like you’re a kid all over again.


    If you love the NHL, you have to try Octopush. Take to the pool floor and get ready for the weirdest game of hockey you’ll probably ever play. This non-contact version of hockey doesn’t mean it’s any easier than if it was on the ice. The players have to return to the top just to get air, which makes shooting the puck that much harder.

    If Brodeur is looking for a post-retirement hobby, this could be his game.



    Cheese Chasing

    Depending on the temperature, this may not be your favorite summer sport, but they sure love it across the pond- and believe it or not it’s not Italian. Cheese Chasing is exactly what it sounds like. You roll a wheel of cheese down an extremely steep hill and you run after it. If you want your summer body but don’t want to cut out the pizza, this could be the solution you’ve been waiting for.

    Just try to look passed the whole rolling down a hill thing.

    Underwater Rugby

    As if you didn’t take enough of a beating on the field, rugby has now taken to H20. Underwater rugby will test your swimming skills as well as how long you can hold your breath. Get the ball into the other teams basket and rack up your score.  Use the lack of gravity to your advantage by pushing, bumping and tackling your opponent underwater.

    Please, no drowning the other team members.


    Perfect for those summer days, Bossaball originated in Spain but seems to be slowly catching on here in the states. This volleyball- mixed trampoline sport makes all your adult bouncy house dreams come true. As long as you get the ball over the 6-foot net, you can flip, kick, bounce and hit the ball to the opposing team. Great exercise and a great tan are awaiting you…

    Frisbee Golf

    Can Jam has just been taken to an entirely new level. Create your own golf/frisbee course in your back yard, through your pool or in the park and keep score like you’re playing a round of mini golf. Most hole in one’s wins. Speed it up with relay’s and teams to make it a little more interesting.


    If you’ve ever felt like you were a hamster running around in a plastic ball, now you can actually pretend to be a hamster in a plastic ball. Zorb racing is done in parks, at the beach, or wherever innocent bystanders can’t be run over. This giant, extra cushioned ball fits anywhere from 1-3 people inside. Add bathing suits & water and you’re in for a race like you’ve never been in before. Competitive zorbing is beginning to catch on. The best time of year to play is of course summer- we try to avoid ice when rolling uncontrollably.



    Camp No Counselors

    Now this doesn’t exactly qualify as a sport, but the place where all of your sports dreams can come true. Camp No Counselors, is a place for adults to be kids again and has been one of summer’s best kept secrets. Water sports, tubing, mountain climbing, zip lining and of course you can’t have an adult summer camp without a slip and slide and flip-cup.


    So get out there! Let your inner-Olympian shine this summer.

    Disclosure: adding the consumption of alcohol to these sports could be extremely dangerous and even more hysterical. Play responsibly.

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