8 Things That Will Instantly Make Men Uninterested… No Matter How Hot You Are

    While hot girls may seem to have it all, the truth is that looks can only get you so far… and then you’re f*cked. A pretty face might be nice to look at, but at the end of the day, it’s your personality that’s going to take you places.

    So just know this: if you’re not acting right, they won’t be sitting tight. Here are 8 things that will instantly make men uninterested… no matter how hot you are:

    1. Acting entitled…
    Playing hard to get is one thing, but being stuck up is another. While all girls deserve to be treated like princesses, at the same time you also can’t sh*t all over someone and then expect them to kiss your ass. Newsflash: no one owes you anything, especially not someone you just met. If a guy is going out of his way to do a nice gesture for you, show him that you’re grateful — offer to buy the next round of drinks; say thank you when he holds the door.


    2. Being too buddy-buddy with his boys…
    When it comes to your guy, getting along with his crew is a major key; but you’ve got to know your boundaries. Sure, you want his boys to like you, but flirting with them probably isn’t your best bet. This is the one time where being a team player does not apply — no boy wants to wonder whether or not you’d f*ck his friend behind his back.

    3. Constantly checking your phone…
    If you’re into a guy, put the phone down and pay attention to him! A real man knows his worth and isn’t going to compete for you to notice him — especially when a cellphone is his competition. Have some manners, ladies.

    4. Wearing way too much perfume…
    Yes, it’s true that guys love a good smelling gal; but if they can’t breathe around you, they can’t be around you. Less is more — it’s as simple as that.


    5. Gossiping…
    Attention please: no one likes a sh*t-talker. If you meet a man and all you’re doing is running your mouth, chances are he’s going to be running far, far away from you. Remember that what you say about others actually says a lot more about you. Come up with something more clever to converse about than a clap back.

    6. Having no sense of humor…
    If you can’t make him laugh, he ain’t falling in love. Dating is supposed to be fun, so live a little, crack a joke, and don’t take things so seriously.

    7. Being a stage-five clinger…
    If you’re automatically up a guy’s ass, one thing’s for sure: he will instantly be uninterested. While I don’t think you should down-play your feelings (life’s too short — keep it real), it’s important not to get carried away with them either. Personal space is a must, so don’t forget that everyone needs theirs.


    8. Gold-digging…
    Unless you met him on sugarbabies.com, no man is going to be down for a girl that’s just after his money. Real men like real women — ones that have goals, ones that have their sh*t together, and ones that have a clear vision of where they’re headed, regardless if a guy’s along for the ride or not. Guys want to build with someone, not baby them.

    What’s the number one thing that would instantly make you uninterested in someone? Let us know in the comments!

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