The Best of Summer Vegan Wine Pairings with ProudPour Wine

    Delicious vegan wine recipes are popular than ever as we prepare for summer networking events, date night, weddings and happy hours. If you are a vegan or determined to start a healthier diet, vegetarian food and wine pairings can help you meet your healthy lifestyle goals. To give you a head start on improving your diet, here is a brief guide on vegan wine pairing without sacrificing taste or quality:

    Although I am not a vegan, I carefully evaluate what I eat or drink in order to keep up a healthy diet and ultimately embrace a healthier lifestyle. I notice when I eat and drink healthier choices, I have more energy during the day and truly feel like I am becoming a better me each day. But that doesn’t stop me from having some fun and enjoying high quality wine.

    I discovered a vegan wine collection from winemaker , which was founded by  Berlin Kelly and Brian Thurber to help people drink wine while saving the planet. How does drinking vegan wine save the planet? Every time a person buys wine from this vegan winemaker – a North Coast Sauvignon Blanc or Oregon Pinot Noir – he/she can either help restore 100 wild oysters to local waters or save over 3,000 native bee species.

    Oysters are important to our ecosystem because they help clean our water daily and their oyster reefs offer habitat for species. Even when we eat oysters their shells make up the foundation for new reefs. As for the bees, they pollinate one-third of the food we eat. Yes, that’s how important bees are to us. So buying the Oregon Pinot Noir from ProudPour helps plant 875 wildflowers on farms in order for bees to provide 90 sq ft of bee habitat and forage.

    That means the next time someone questions you about whether your drinking is for the greater good, you can say ‘yes.’ Kelly and Thurber proudly say “ We love planet Earth and we love wine. We launched Proud Pour because we wanted to drink to make a difference.” This is the reason they do what they do and partner with local environmental groups to make a positive impact.

    Here are some of the best vegan wine pairings you can enjoy this summer with Proud Pour wines:

    1. Pair The Oyster Sauvignon Blanc with truffles of wild mushroom for a wonderful lunch or dinner.
    2. Enjoy The Oyster wine with a vegan caesar salad or kale salad that includes apples and pears.
    3. For the Oregon Pinot Noir, consider a veggie burger served with sweet potato french fries and avocado lime sauce.
    4. With the Pinot Noir, enjoy wild mushrooms, served in a squash soup, on a pizza.

    Remember, the kitchen is a place for creativity, imagination and resourcefulness. Enjoy.

    You may also be interested in checking out this Pinot Noir Sangria recipe.

    Guest Post by Briana Booker


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